Regas Christou's City Hall looks a little too stately

Regas Christou puts a dome on it.

If he can get past the liquor license board on December 3, nightclub magnate Regas Christou is hoping City Hall , his new outdoor venue at 1144 Broadway, will serve a more elite, upper-crust crowd than the grind-happy scenesters who frequent his other clubs nearby.

But let's hope the lawyers, politicos and high-society folk will be too busy slamming Chardonnay to notice that the logo for City Hall features the silhouette of the State Capitol dome – not Denver’s actual City and County Building. The real city’s City Hall is topped with a distinctive bell tower that sits right across Civic Center Park from ol’ domey.

Either Regas’ marketing folks don’t know the difference between the two iconic buildings – who cares anyway, right? – or the businessman is just trying to cover his bases by remaining nonpartisan between local and state bureaucracies. -- Jared Jacang Maher