Jon Caldara, Colorado's wackiest conservative, socks it to 'em

Jon Caldara mugging for the camera.

Once upon a time, this very newspaper named previous Westword profile subject Jon Caldara the city's "Best Media Manipulator" -- and one reason he so richly deserved this honor is his willingness to make an ass of himself in the name of his cause of the moment. Still, even longtime Caldara watchers will be caught offguard by his latest silliness spectacular: a YouTube video explaining his advocacy for Amendment 49 with help from a series of sock puppets.

Big Jon makes no effort to avoid moving his lips while delivering a series of often-goofy voices, including an unnerving falsetto he unleashes when portraying a handy female. Then, at the end of the clip, he tells his new gal pal that she's kinda hot -- an admission that conjures horrifying images of what he used the sock for after the camera clicked off. Hope he ran it through the washing machine afterward.

Think I'm exaggerating? Click "More" and see for yourself. -- Michael Roberts