Channel 12's Aaron Harber Lands Interview With General David Petraeus

On the very day that General David Petraeus, the U.S. military's main man in Iraq, is appearing before Congress to share his thoughts about the embattled country in the wake of a troop "surge" that went into effect earlier this year, KBDI/Channel 12 host Aaron Harber received confirmation that he'll be conducting a one-on-one quiz session with Petraeus on September 13. Location? The Pentagon.

"We’re just getting the trip to DC organized and may actually tape the program at the Pentagon’s studios," Harber writes via e-mail. "Otherwise, we will tape there with our own crew or at a relatively nearby studio. Petraeus’ staff doesn’t want him to go too far. Right now, conditions for everyone are quite frenetic, as you can imagine." Harber adds that Channel 12 boss Wick Rowland "is helping me with guidance and also has some great relationships in the area which may ultimately provide the studio facilities we need."

Another potential helper is the Discovery cable network, whose Military Channel may be interested in some of the footage -- although Harber emphasizes that nothing on this count has been confirmed thus far. However, he does have a previous relationship with Discovery execs, who he notes were "wonderful last year when I went to the DC area to produce four public-service announcements featuring General Colin Powell. The spots all were focused on cancer prevention and detection. (I guess it was my directorial debut.) Discovery provided the crew and donated the cost. They were super." According to Harber, the spots, which were created in conjunction with the Denver-based Prostate Cancer Education Council, screened nationally "and still may be on the air."

At this point, Harber isn't sure when local viewers will get a chance to see the Petraeus conversation. But expect it to turn up before long on his signature program, The Aaron Harber Show, which has a new time slot this season: 8 p.m. Tuesdays, with rebroadcasts on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. In the meantime, he's racing to make sure the interview happens as scheduled. In this case, obviously, timing is everything. -- Michael Roberts