Occupy Denver love: Read the Craigslist missed connections behind the movement

It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about protest? Many of the most dedicated representatives of Occupy Denver have maintained some sort of residency with the movement on Broadway since its first month, and passions don't just fly during Saturday rallies and the occasional police altercation. Westword discovered a handful of Craiglist missed connections that make the group's two-month anniversary last week seem as significant romantically as it was politically.

Not that you should stop reading after you finish it, but the first entry on our list is easily the best one -- in addition to being the most improbable. In a cute and very Odd Couple manner, the online plea appears to indicate that a Denver riot cop became quickly enamored with an Occupy Denver protester who is very likely a hipster. Call it love at first pepper spray.

Saw you at Occupy Denver -- m4w -- 32 (Denver, CO) Date: 2011-11-10, 11:13AM MST

I was one of the police in riot gear at Occupy Denver a couple weeks ago. I was about to shoot you with a rubber bullet and spray tear gas on you but I loved your smile. You had cat eye glasses and a black shirt with a gold peace sign. I want you to Occupy me...

It should be noted that this is a fairly unlikely story, if only because the DPD has yet to use tear gas on protesters, but it's still a good one. The entry is accompanied on the World Wide Web by a handful of others, including a match made not in heaven but in the Thunderdome.
KMFDM at Occupy Denver 10/15 -- w4m -- 23 (Lakewood) Date: 2011-10-17, 11:32AM MDT

You had on a KMFDM shirt and stood in line at the Thunderdome with me on Saturday. Told me that you liked my tattoo and had a similar pin of it that you used to symbolize your third eye! Just wanted to say I hope to see you down there again and maybe get the chance to talk more about our similar choice in symbols. And maybe also share stories about seeing KMFDM. :)

Guy Fawkes also has the power to bring people together. While the original man might have blown up Parliament, his face-sake sparked romance between a bespectacled man in Thornton (who for some reason needed three of the masks) and his future wife.
v for vendetta thornton -- m4w (thornton) Date: 2011-11-01, 8:14PM MDT

i was the guy buying 3 v for vendetta masks for the occupy denver protest you where the cute girl who rang me up and helped me find the masks seemed like you wanted to join me saturday so hit me up ill be down there saturday around 11 if joining the crowd isnt your thing we could always catch dinner and movie later on in the night i wear glasses and the store was on 120 th

The occupation even creeps into star-crossed lovers' first conversations, the moments they will later cite as "when I knew." One conversation at Hard Rock Cafe turned political -- and romantic -- when "the occupy people in the park" came up.
My Server Today. Tyler? -- m4m -- 26 (Hard Rock Cafe) Date: 2011-11-03, 5:45PM MDT

So, you were my server today at the Hard Rock Downtown. I think I counted 16 piercings? You seem like a person that knows exactly who they are and that kind of confidence is really attractive to me. We only chatted for a few minutes as you were in the middle of your lunch rush but did talk about the occupy people in the park. What did I order? I would love to see you sometime.

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