Jared Polis and partner Marlon Reis having baby -- but not sharing any details yet

Jared Polis and his longtime partner, Marlon Reis, are expecting their first baby this September.

But the media and members of the public shouldn't have any expectations about learning more details.

At least not yet.

The pair confirmed the story to the Denver Post, noting in a statement that they're "very excited to become new parents." However, they declined to discuss whether the arrangements involve a surrogate or adoption, and Polis has issued no public comment to date on either his Twitter feed, where the most recent tweet involves a meeting with Eagle County commissioners yesterday, or his Facebook page -- although a wall post on the subject courtesy of Out Boulder popped up moments ago, about half an hour after one Facebook friend wrote, "Congrats to you and your partner!"

Will Polis share info down the line? Probably. When he first became a public figure, he didn't self-identify as gay: See our 2004 profile "Young Blood," published around the time he and Reis met, as he confirmed in the December 2007 post "Jared Polis as a Gay Standard Bearer." But he's embraced his role as one of the few openly gay members of Congress for years, and in recent tweets, he celebrated the passage of gay-marriage legislation in New York state. As such, he'll likely come to the conclusion that talking about his growing family in public is not only inevitable but a positive for all involved.

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