Batter Up!

GB Fish & Chips used to be a computer store before owner Alex Stokeld got his hands on it last year. But the place really looks more like the kind of place where computers might’ve been operated in secret, like maybe during the run-up to a nuclear war. It is a cement and cinderblock bunker of a fish restaurant—brightened up a little with some paint, a polished bar, a couple TV’s always tuned to international soccer matches and windows hammered out of the rock, but still just a cement box with a kitchen, a counter and a few tables inside it.

But GB Fish & Chips also happens to be a cement box with an awesome fish restaurant inside -- a place that should forever answer the transplant’s lament of “where can I go for a decent fish fry in this town?”

This week's review is followed by a pretty funny story from the guys over at Encore (and guess who's the butt of the joke?) as well as good news from Fruition and Toast.

In this economy, it's important to appreciate the good news when we hear it. -- Jason Sheehan