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Reader: Aurora theater shooting shows we need to reach out to people spiraling into Hell

Our post highlighting five twisted theories about the Aurora theater shooting attracted a few more.

But it also inspired a comment from the following reader, who suggests positive ways to react to the tragedy.

steve.harvey.hd28 writes:

Here is the real lesson to take away from the tragedy in Aurora: We need, as a society, to be more proactive and less reactive, to think more profoundly about how to be a more loving and caring society so that those who are spiraling down into a hell they are intent on inflicting on the rest of us are surrounded by people who are there to stop that descent, or, if impossible, to restrain them before they can act on it. We need to move from a society of people who suddenly care deeply about one another when tragedy strikes, to a society that cares deeply enough about one another to help keep tragedy from striking in the first place. The benefits of moving in that direction are not just the reduction of the rate at which these senseless acts of violence occur, but also an improved quality of life for us all. It's time for all of us to reach down into the depths of our reason, the depths of our compassion, the depths of our commitment to one another, and work as courageously toward being that kind of society as the first responders a few days ago in Aurora worked toward mitigating the suffering inflicted by our failure to do so.

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