Judge Judy: Mitt Romney camp also buying ads on show targeted by Obama forces

Editor's note: This election cycle,Westword is exploring the public records of television stations for information about how candidates are spending money on ads in Denver.

Seems that Jude Judy has bipartisan appeal in Denver. After reporting last week that Barack Obama's campaign is pouring money into Denver television ads that run during Judge Judy, new records show local Mitt Romney ads also target viewers of the court show.

As of last Friday morning, Obama's team had spent a total of $11,950 for 59 spots to run during Judge Judy this month through early September, according to the public files of political ad spending at Fox31 uploaded in recent weeks.

As we noted in our latest post, TV stations around the country weren't required to post this information online until this month, and the rule is not retroactive. For that reason, the available information is somewhat limited, revealing only what candidates have filed in the last several weeks.

At the time we posted about Obama's spending, there was nothing on record for Romney's campaign in the public files -- but a contract uploaded on Friday afternoon shows ads for Romney are running on Fox31 -- and also target the viewers of Judge Judy.

The advertiser on the documents is listed as the "Republican National Committee-Romney."

This contract, which as of now is the only one on record for Romney at Fox31, documents spending of $3,500 on ads during Judge Judy -- a total that buys the candidate fifteen spots. It's a relatively small portion of the total ad buys in this contract, which cost a sum of $41,750 for 92 spots -- running through August 14.

That's also a smaller chunk compared to the records available for Obama's campaign, but it nonetheless reveals that local viewers of Judge Judy can expect to be bombarded with ads on both sides of the campaign. It's one of many consequences of living in a key swing state, where voters are also treated to frequent appearances from the candidates themselves -- Obama campaigned in Denver last week and Romney stopped in Jefferson County the week prior.

At Fox31, the RNC-Romney advertiser has also bought spots during Regis & Kelly, Hell's Kitchen, Good Day Colorado and others.

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