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Reader: "Marriage is so Gay" T-shirt controversy and the like prompt politically correct silence

The controversy over student Kate Cohn's "marriage is so gay" T-shirt, which was banned but then allowed after the ACLU complained, prompted an interesting post from one reader, who wishes we could create a thought-provoking environment for learning without risking the ire of various individuals and interest groups.

Ryan Conklin writes:

Schools already have freedom to limit disruptive clothing, unfortunately, it is such a touchy subject defining what is offensive vs. what is thought provoking. The school setting should foster and encourage free thought and nurture discussions about current events and how our society is being shaped by its participants. Unfortunately, schools also have a responsibility to provide a non threatening environment, free of offensive materials. This is the fine line we walk, sadly this discussion always seems to end in politically correct silence. Sad.

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