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Madison McKinley: The Bachelor's vampire girl becomes a blood donation dominatrix

Last week, we introduced you to Vail's Madison McKinley, aka The Bachelor's vampire girl -- so dubbed because of the fangs she had implanted after joining an NYC vamp club. Part of last night's episode involved a public service announcement for the American Red Cross encouraging blood donation, which should have been a natural for her. So why the hell didn't we see more Madison?

In his blog for Entertainment Weekly, host Chris Harrison reveals that the producers had plenty o' Madison material. He writes: "By the way, Madison and her fangs didn't get a lot of airtime this week but the girls did not forget about her. While she was out on the group date, Sarah P., Lindsay and Ashley S. devised a plan to see if Madison was really a vampire. They made crosses out of branches in the backyard and stuffed cloves of garlic under all the mattresses (just in case)."

Harrison adds that in one unaired sequence, Madison jumped into a pool with her clothes on, following the lead of Sarah P., the other Colorado contestant -- she's from Denver.

Nonetheless, Madison hardly spoke in the ep and wasn't the focus of the Red Cross PSA sequence, although she capped the spot itself with a performance as a lusty dominatrix who orders Bachelor Brad Womack to "Lick it!" -- meaning her boot, ostensibly:

Later, however, it was Brad who bared his (fake) fangs during one goofy scene.

Otherwise, the episode was dominated by Michelle, whining about not getting more attention on her thirtieth birthday, as well as a teary Melissa and a desperate Raichel, whose boobs were squeezed so tightly together that they seemed like their own produce section. In the end, Michelle stayed, while Melissa, Raichel and Keltie got the heave-ho.

Yes, Madison received her rose, which she accepted with a knowing leer.

Earlier, Bachelorette vets Ali and Roberto turned up to make sure this season's contestants were on the show for the right reasons -- ostensibly to find love. That doesn't appear to be Madison's goal, but if her real rationale entails getting lots of screen time on a major network rather than being tethered to the vile Womack for the long term, she's handling her quest with humor and panache. Here's hoping she sticks around for a long, long time.

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