Best of Denver

Best of Denver Winners from 1993

In 1993, Westword published its tenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Place to Take the Pope When He Comes to Town to Best Explosion (the old Montgomery Ward building on Broadway) to Best Radio Talk-Show Host (Peter Boyles, whose ratings continue to explode) to Best Local Film (American History, the work of 22-year-old University of Colorado student Trey Parker, who went on to make American TV history as the co-creator of South Park). Many winners were repeats, particularly in the Food & Drink section, where restaurants like Mexico City, RosaLinda Mexican Cafe, La Fiesta, Benny’s and El Taco de Mexico demonstrated the explosive power of Mexican food in this city. But only one rated a category all its own: Best Chubby’s.

Back in 1967, Stella Cordova, pictured above in a photo taken recently, was working as a cook at the Chubby Burger Drive-In at 1231 West 38th Avenue when the owner said he wanted to get out of the business and cut Stella — who was making just 85 cents an hour — a great deal so that she could buy it. She kept the name but changed the menu to feature the Mexican food she’d grown up with in Walsenburg, and Chubby’s, profiled recently in this feature, quickly became known for its hot, hot green chile. Soon, assorted offspring — Stella had ten children — and their offspring began opening their own Chubby’s restaurants, with or without Stella’s blessing. But today, forty years after Stella opened her own place, the original Chubby’s remains the best. And Stella Cordova, still working at the age of 98, remains a true Denver original.

Here are the rest of the winners from 1993:



Best Place to Take the Pope When He Comes to Town: Celebrity Vintage Clothing Costume and Museum Readers' Choice: Mother Cabrini Shrine

Best Place to be When the Pope Comes to Town: Tibet Readers' Choice: Out of Town

Best Business to be in During the Pope's Visit: Port-A-Pottie Rental

Best Place to Park your Body During the Pope's Visit: Auraria campus parking garage

Best Rumor About the Pope's Visit: Invasion of the flagellants

Best Alliance of Church and State: Arapahoe County Foundation Inc.

Best Alliance of Church and Capitalism: Famous Artist Merchandise and Exchange

Best Corporate Makeover: Coors Brewing Company

Best Trip Down Memory Lane for Adults: History Department, University of Colorado at Denver

Best Trip Down Memory Lane for Kids: Four Mile Historic Park

Best After-School Activity: La Banda de Guerra, North High School

Best Teen Party Town: Lakewood

Best Place to Play Hooky: Denver Museum of Natural History Best-Dressed Schoolkids: Bryant-Webster Elementary School

Best-Dressed School: Bryant-Webster Elementary School

Best Appearance by an Educator in Playboy: Richard Caldwell

Best Bite of the Reality Sandwich: Student Credit Union, George Washington

Best Homage to Pancho Villa: Camp George West

Best Neighborhood Dedicated to a Huckster: Barnum

Best Museum to Kill Time: Colorado Territorial Prison Museum and Park

Best Place to do Time: Federal Prison Camp, Florence

Best Obscure Holiday Created in Denver: National Memo Day

Best Place to be on April 15: Downtown Post Office, 20th and Champa St.

Best Local Celebrity (Non-Human): Yogi the bloodhound

Best Local Celebrity: Clarissa Pinkola Estes Readers' choice: John Elway

Best Celebrity Sweat: Sammy Kershaw Cologne

Best Fifteen Minutes of Celebrity: Dan Kay

Best Performance Against Rush Limbaugh: Mike Rosen, KOA-AM 850

Best Performance by a Colorado Celebrity on the Tonight Show: Gary Hart

Best Coloradan Obsessed with a Celebrity: Margaret Ray

Best Celebrity Death: T.D. Lingo

Best Celebrity Cadaver: Alferd Packer

Best TV News Anchor: Ed Sardella, KUSA-TV Channel 9 Readers' Choice: Ed Sardella

Best Escalation of the TV Weather Wars: Channel 9's Back Yard

Best Local TV Documentary Series: How the West Was Lost, KUSA-TV Channel 9

Best Television Commentary: Dan Caplis, KCNC-TV Channel 4

Best TV Set: KMGH-TV Channel 7

Best TV Sportscaster: John Keating, KMGH-TV Channel 7 Readers' choice: Ron Zappolo

Best TV Weather Forecaster: Ed Pearl, KMGH-TV Channel 7 Readers' choice: Larry Green

Best Hair on a TV Personality: Sherry Sellers, KUSA-TV Channel 9 Readers' choice: Aimee Sporer

Best Radio Talk-Show Host: Peter Boyles, KYBG-AM 1090 Readers' Choice: Mike Rosen

Best Radio Sports-Talk Host: Dave Logan, KOA-AM 850 Readers' choice: Irv Brown, KYBG

Best Appointment by the Governor: Bill Ritter

Best Neighborhood Booster: Karle Seydel

Best Public Servant: Karen Brennan, Denver Department of Excise and Licenses

Best Relative of Wellington Webb: Phillip Howard Gerdine Readers' choice: Wilma

Best Free Legal Help: Thursday Night Bar

Best Legal Victory: Globeville vs. Asarco

Best New Law: House Bill 93-1069

Best Politician: Margaret Carpenter Readers' Choice: Pat Schroeder

Best Do-Gooder: Wes McKinley Readers' Choice: Daddy Bruce Randolph

Best Whistleblowers: Bruce Pederson and Jacqueline Taylor

Best S&L Sleuth: R.W. "Pete" Peterson

Best Up-and-Coming Activists: Barrio Artcry

Best Old-Time Activist: Rich Mate, Community Resource Center

Best Airport: Stapleton International

Best Guess for when Denver International Airport will Open: February 9, 1994 Readers' Choice: The year 2000

Best Use for Stapleton when DIA does Open: Refueling stop for motorists on the way to DIA Readers' Choice: Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Best Flight to D.C.: Federico Pena

Best Hot Seat on a Cold Day: 16th Street Mall shuttle buses

Best Billboard that's not Really a Billboard: "Home Run Gum", Champion Brewing Co.

Best Back Alley Sign: "Fat Man's Residence. Private Property.

Best Homemade Lawn Ornaments (Non-Dinosaur): 2400 Mead St.

Best Homemade Fence: Corner of Ellsworth and Monroe

Best Desert Scene: Southwest Gardens

Best Yard Art in the Middle of Nowhere: Bishop's Castle

Best Sacrilegious Yard Art: 2540 Jay St.

Best Sacrilegious Yard Art with an S&M Theme: 4569 Osage St.

Best Yard Art in a Religious City: 2057 Evans Ave.

Best Garage Art: 2910 Chase St.

Best Big Yard Art: Wheat Ridge Preschool and Kindergarten

Best Huge Yard Art: 3860 Harlan St.

Best Explosion (Non-Human): Montgomery Ward Building

Best Explosion (Human): Earle Bruce

Best Untapped Fortune: Gold Hill Mesa

Best Poet: Bud Vaseen, aka Doc Vesper


Best Run: First Night Colorado 5K

Best Run before a Thanksgiving Pigout: The Turkey Trot

Best Place to Picnic Among Dinosaurs: Swetsville Zoo

Best Place to Picnic Among Businessmen: Confluence Park

Best Place to get Away from Urban Noise, Fast: Golden Gate State Park

Best Way to Bug Out: Colorado Bug Tours

Best Place to Climb the Walls: Far View Ruin, Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez

Best Ex-Porn-Star Rock Climber: Hank Caylor, Boulder

Best Funk Classes: Cliff Trubowitz, Cyco Fitness

Best Fun Classes for Kids: Silly-Cise

Best Joints Joint: Steadman Hawkins Clinic, Vail Valley Medical Center

Best Local Sports Team: CU Lady Buffs Readers' Choice: Broncos

Best Name Change: CU Lady Buffs

Best Local Sports Coach: Ceal Barry, CU women's basketball Readers' Choice: Dan Issel

Best Rockie: Andres Galarraga Readers' Choice: Andres Galarraga

Best Rockies Pitcher: Charlie Jones

Best Rockies Program: Homestand Flyer

Best Baseball Seats at Mile High Stadium: Section 106

Best Cheap Baseball Seats at Mile High: $1 Rockpile tickets

Best Baseball Seats for Descendants of Carry Nation: Sections 325, 425,525 and 526

Best Place to Catch a Fly Ball: East stands at Mile High Stadium during Rockies batting practice

Best Stadium Food: Coleman Hot Dog

Best Transportation to the Rockies Games: Denver Trolley

Best Cash Machine Near the Ballpark: Maxfield and Friends

Best Baseball Tradition Imported from Chicago: Throwing home runs back onto the field

Best Rockies T-shirt: "Zim Says: Ain't no ivy here. Keep the ball."

Best Attempt to Discourage a football Tradition Imported from the Broncos: Art Kaufman

Best Way to get to First Base: Sky Sox Stadium

Best Rockies Edict: "No beards."

Best Personnel Move by the Rockies: Frank Haraway

Best Postgame Traffic Thinners: Brooklyn's

Best Sports Bar: All Stars Bar & Grill Readers' Choice: Jackson's Hole Saloon

Best Bronco: John Elway Readers' Choice: John Elway

Best Prospective Bronco: Rod Bernstine

Best Prospective Bronco Games: Monday, September 20, and Sunday, December 12

Best Bronco-Like Games by the Rockies: May 28-30, 1993 at Mile High

Best Nugget: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Readers' Choice: Dikembe Mutombo

Best DU Pioneer: Brent Cary

Best CU Football Player: Michael Westbrook

Best Prep Coach: Don Gatewood, Montbello High School

Best Pro Coach: Dan Issel, Nuggets

Best Sports Executive: Bernie Bickerstaff, Nuggets

Best Prep Athlete: Chauncey Billups, George Washington High School

Best Pool Player: Danny Medina

Best Golf Shot: Troy Biddison, March 20, 1993, at Raccoon Creek Golf Club

Best High-Tech Golf Tool: Sportsbound

Best Public Golf Course: Riverdale Dunes Readers' Choice: Willis Case

Best Private Golf Course: Cherry Hills Country Club Readers' Choice: Cherry Hills

Best Miniature Golf Course: Hyland Hills Adventure Golf--The Last Continent Readers' Choice: Putt Putt Golf Courses

Best Miniature Golf Tournament: Queen City Annual Putt Putt, Queen City Architectural Salvage

Best Indoor Miniature Golf: Basement of the Denver Center Theater complex

Best Mobile Miniature Golf Course: Miniature Golf to Go

Best Public Tennis Courts: Congress Park

Best Softball Park: Sonny Lawson Field

Best Handicapper: John Kaskela

Best Greyhound: Oshkosh Rambo, Mile High Greyhound Park

Best Mascot: Ralphie, University of Colorado-Boulder

Best Litter: Krugerrand et al., Pueblo and Cloverleaf Kennel Clubs

Best Jockey: Carl Kutz, Arapahoe Park

Best Train Rides for Tots: Tiny Town

Best Train Rides for Grown-up Tots: Caboose Hobbies

Best Trains to Climb Aboard: Colorado Railroad Museum

Best Place to Watch Trains (Southbound): Stuck in traffic on South Santa Fe Drive

Best Place to Watch Trains (Northbound): Stuck in traffic on I-25

Best Event for Train Nerds: Union Pacific "Challenger" Steam Excursion, May 15, 1993

Best Place to Watch Trains and Planes: Air Force Academy, West of I-25 in Colorado Springs

Best Place to Park and Neck: Havana Road Readers' Choice: Lookout Mountain

Best Mobile Makeout: Elitch Gardens

Best Casino: Black Hawk Station, Black Hawk Readers' Choice: Bullwhacker's

Best Parking at a Casino: Gilpin Hotel, Black Hawk

Best Casino Cafe: Toll Gate, Central City

Best Poker Game for People with Fat Wallets: Bullwhacker's, Black Hawk

Best Mountain Retreat for New York Executives: Saddleridge

Best Mountain Retreat for Parents and Screaming Children: Hotel Colorado

Best Dawdling Route for Urban Cowboys: Colorado Springs to Denver on U.S. 24, Route 67 and U.S. 85

Best Bike Path for Shopping Addicts: Southside to Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Best Urban Bike Path: Platte River Greenway Readers' Choice: Cherry Creek

Best Suburban Bike Path: C-470 Bike Path Readers' Choice: Highline Canal

Best Serious Bicyclist: Juliana Furtado

Best Toys for Serious Cyclists: Colorado Cyclist Catalog

Best Mountain Bike Trail: Matthews/Winters Park Readers' Choice: White Ranch, Jefferson County

Best Denver Park: Alamo Placita, 3rd Ave. between Ogden and Emerson Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Denver Park Outside of Denver: Lookout Mountain Park

Best Place to go Birding: Barr Lake

Best Urban Birding: The alley between Market and Blake in the 1700 block

Best Public Swimming Hole: Harvard Gulch Readers' Choice: Congress Park

Best Whitewater Rafting Trip: Brown's Canyon, Arkansas River, Buena Vista

Best Hot Spring: Strawberry Park, Steamboat Springs

Best Recreational Freebie: Urban Trails Guide

Best Free Skiing: Crested Butte

Best Ski Lodge: The Lodge at Sunspot, Winter Park

Best Ski Lodge Owned by a Toni Twin: Little Red Ski Haus, Aspen

Best Ski Run: Pallavicini, Arapahoe Basin Readers' Choice: Pallavicini at A-Basin

Best Cross-Country Ski Trail: Bard Creek Trail, Empire

Best Ski Area for Snowboarders: Parsenn Bowl, Winter Park Readers' Choice: East Wall at A-Basin

Best Sledding: Ken Caryl Road

Best Waterskiing: Soda Lakes Ski School, Little Soda Lake, Bear Creek Lake Park, Morrison

Best Place to Rollerblade: Downtown Denver Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Place to Stand In-Line: Grand West Outfitters

Best Place to Skateboard: Skyline Park Readers' Choice: Downtown Denver

Best Place to Rook Before you Reap: Denver Chess Club

Best Bowling Alley: Elitch Bowling Lanes Readers' Choice: Celebrity

Best Place to be an Aging Bowler: Brunswick Sierra Vista Lanes

Best Use of Bowling Balls Outside a Bowling Alley: Teresa's Pizza Colore

Best Place to Revive a Neglected Seventies Trend: Roller City


Best Free Entertainment: Theater in the Park, Civic Center Park Readers' Choice: 16th Street Mall

Best Free Almost-Entertainment: The 16h Street Mall

Best Annual Festival: Telluride Bluegrass Festival Readers' Choice: People's Fair

Best Annual Festival for Eating: Greek Festival

Best Performing Pigs: Bacon and Porkchop

Best Endangered Festival: Lou Brunch Day, Central City

Best Decision to Leave a Landmark well Enough Alone: No expansion of Red Rocks

Best Place for a Highbrow Quickie: Friday "Nooners" at the Denver Art Museum

Best Architecture in a Highbrow Hotel: The Westin Hotel

Best Lowbrow Architecture: Lakeside Amusement Park

Best Fine Art in a Video Store: Video Visions

Best Video Art: AlternaTV, Pirate

Best Expansion of a Video Music Show: Teletunes, KBDI-TV Channel 12

Best Local Band Video: Scramblehead, Big Iron Door

Best Band Name: Opie Gone Bad

Second-Best Band Name: Kinda Like A Forehead

Best Country Music Club: The Grizzly Rose Readers' Choice: The Grizzly Rose

Best Country Musician: Tim O'Brien Readers' Choice: Hollywood Rodeo Band

Best C&W Frontman: Carlos Washington

Best Country Recording: Tim O'Brien and the O'Boys, Oh Boy! O'Boy!

Best World Music: Tunas Mekar (The Denver Gamelan Orchestra)

Best World Club: Santana's

Best Jazz Recording: Reminiscence, Spike Robinson Live at the Jazz Works, Capri Records

Best Jazz Series: Mount Vernon Country Club Presents Jazz

Best Jazz Concert Masquerading as a Church Service: Harmony Church

Best Jazz TV Program: Jazz Alley

Best Jazz Club: El Chapultepec Readers' Choice: El Chapultepec

Best Local Jazz Band: Creative Music Works Orchestra Readers' Choice: Dotsero

Best Local Jazz Musician: Theano Erufia Clover Lamb

Best Local Blues Band: Stanley Milton's Meanstreak Readers' Choice: Derrick Terrabull

Best Local Blues Jam: The Brass Rail

Best Blues Club: Ziggie's Saloon Readers' Choice: Ziggie's Saloon

Best Music Clerks with an Attitude: Wax Trax

Best Band in Drag: The Dead Sinatras

Best Local Rap Group: Phantasmorgasm Readers' Choice: Lord of Word

Best Rapping Cops: Rhythm Action Policing

Best Rock Club: Seven South Readers' Choice: Bangles

Best Rock Band: Baldo Rex Readers' Choice: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Independent Rock Recording: Baldo Rex, Parilda Cilgen Elmas

Best Marketing of a Local Recording: Gift Records

Best Concert: Lindsey Buckingham, Boulder Theater, April 7, 1993 Readers' Choice: Paul McCartney

Best Defunct Music Series: KTCL-FM 93.3/MusicLink live at Okoboji's

Best Radio Series for Enviros: E-Town

Best Public Radio Station: KUVO-FM 89.3

Best Radio DJ: Bill Amundson, KTCL-FM 93.3 Readers' Choice: Lewis & Floorwax

Best Radio Station that's Hard to Hear: KGNU-FM 88.5, Boulder

Best Radio Station that's Almost Impossible to Hear: KUCB, Boulder

Best Spot on the Dial to Brush up on your Patsy Cline: KYGO-AM 950

Best Band you'll be Seeing on MTV Next Year: Spell

Best Local Band to Have its Name Mangled on National TV: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Folkie: Jason Eklund Readers' Choice: The Mother Folkers

Best Banjoist: Dick Weissman

Best Crooner: Ben Lafevre

Best Rising Teenage Diva: Jessica Trujillo

Best Recovery from Retirement: Kenny James

Best Noise Cult Hero in Hiding: Boyd Rice

Best Leap to a Major Label: The Fluid

Best Bargain-Basement Local Record Label: DU Records

Best Sign that Denver Really does have a Music Community: Benefits for Mayme McManus

Best Charity Recording Project: KBCO-FM 97.3's Live From Studio C albums

Best Place to Hear Music and Find God Simultaneously: The Sanctuary

Best Club Resurrection: The Ogden

Best Attack on a Radio Rival: KAZY-FM 106.7

Best Place to Hear Acid Jazz: City Spirit Cafe

Best Place to Hear "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" at 4 a.m.: Annual Folk-A-Thon, Swallow Hill Music Association

Best Postal Employee Anthem: "The Sniper Sings"

Best Band Logo: The Warlock Pinchers

Best Local Underground Music Publication: The Seed

Best Gig Fliers: Cynics Bane

Best Metal Club: Alibi's Grill Readers' Choice: Bangles

Best Metal Band: Angellic Rage Readers' Choice: Angellic Rage

Best Local Dance Band: The Internationals Readers' Choice: Monkey Siren

Best Dance Club: Ground Zero Readers' Choice: Rock Island

Best Punk Band: Babihed

Best Funk Rock Band: Hippie Werewolves

Best All-Ages Club: Mercury Cafe Readers' Choice: Rock Island

Best Rave: Heaven, August 15, 1992

Best Rave Location: 23 Parrish

Best Rave Promoter: Step On Productions

Best Club DJ: Paul Italiano/John Chamie Readers' Choice: Jeff Elgersma at Aqua Lounge

Best Rock Doc: William "Buzz" Reifman

Best Club Lighting: Marquee Club

Best Sound: Fox Theatre

Best Sound Equipment and Midnight P.A. Repair: NBS Electronics

Best Stereo Equipment Repair: Intrinsic Sound

Best Music in a Shoe Store: FashioNation

Best Video Store: The Video Station Best Movie Theater: Continental Theatre Readers' Choice: Continental Theatre

Best Classic Movie Theater: The Mayan

Best Multiplex Movie Theater: Super Saver Cinema 8

Best L.A. Movie Theater in Denver: Greenwood Plaza Theatre

Best Drive-In: East Drive-In Theatre

Best Moving Picture: Cinderella Twin Drive-In Theater

Best Commercial Sleeper: El Mariachi

Best Film-Festival Sleeper: Martha and I

Best Movie Run: Howards End, The Esquire and Chez Artiste Cinema

Best Performance by a Coloradan in a Movie: Mojo Nixon in Super Mario Brothers

Best Performance by a Colorado Product in a Movie: Art Itself, PO Box 12397,Denver 80212

Best Performance by Colorado in a Movie: Cliffhanger

Best Continuing Colorado Performance by a Hollywood Transplant: Raymond Burr

Best Local Film: American History, Trey Parker, director

Best Local Porn Film: The David Bath video

Best Movie Revival: An American in Paris, The Mayan, December 4-17, 1992

Best Movie Theater Move: Chez Artiste Cinema

Best Budget Movie Theater Lobby: Super Saver Cinema--Bear Valley

Best Movie Theater Snack Bar: Landmark theaters, The Esquire, The Mayan, Chez Artiste Cinema Readers' Choice: Mayan Theatre

Best Pre- or Post-Movie Cocktail: Morton's of Chicago, Tivoli Denver

Best Trivial Pursuit: Colorado University Trivia Bowl

Best Place to Rub Elbows with Mariachi and Norteno Stars: Mi Cabana

Best Place to Rub Elbows with Perverts: Galaxy Theatre

Best Upscale Strip Bar: Diamond Cabaret

Best Downscale Strip Bar: Dandy Dan's

Best Bar Game: Guess Vanna's Dress, Club 404

Best Hetero Pickup Bar: Creekside Grill Readers' Choice: Rock Bottom Brewery

Best Gay/Lesbian Bar: Charlie's Denver Readers' Choice: Charlie's Denver

Best Russian Cabaret: St. Petersburg Restaurant

Best Place to Watch your Date's Teeth Turn Green: The Lost Planet,158 Fillmore St.

Best Private Place to Take an Illicit Date: Gabor's

Best Public Art: Tile works Readers' Choice: Market Street Station

Best Unofficial Public Art: 2600 block of Blake St.

Best Private Public Art Project: Art in the Alleys

Best Graffiti Enthusiast: Jeff Ferrell

Best Secret Graffiti: Somewhere in the Platte Valley

Best Sanctioned Graffiti: North High School

Best Graffiti Erasers: Graffiti Removal

Best Graffiti Turned Official Art: Pueblo Levee Mural Project, Pueblo

Best Mobile Art: Eric Alstad's '71 Dodge

Best New Art Venue: Arte Vitale

Best Museum in the Works: Museo de Las Americas

Best Local Museum Exhibit: The new floors at the Denver Art Museum Readers' Choice: Aztec

Best Local Gallery Exhibit: Give Me a Louder Word Up, Metro State Center for the Visual Arts Readers' Choice: Denver Buffalo Company

Best Commercial Gallery: Mackey Gallery

Best Alternative Gallery: Edge Gallery

Best Unknown Art Space: Driscoll Center Gallery

Best Sound Art Installation: "Soundwalk"

Best Art Boost to a Neighborhood: Spark Cooperative Gallery

Best Intro to the Arts for Kids: Art Start, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

Best All-Around Art School for Kids: Denver School of the Arts at Cole Junior High School

Best Art School on a Budget for Adults: Art Students League of Denver

Best Art Teacher: Oksana Ross, Colorado Free University

Best Workout for Artists: Nude metal sketching, Muddy's Java Cafe

Best Culture-Vulture Parking Deal: Westin Hotel, 1672 Lawrence

Best-Kept Secret at the CSO: Tom Cockrell, assistant conductor

Best Local Theater Production: The Lady and the Clarinet, Avenue Theatre Readers' Choice: Forever Plaid

Best Experimental Theater: Germinal Stage Denver

Best Set Designer: Angie Lee

Best Comic Actor: Stephen Maestas

Best Serious Actor: Jacqueline Antaramian, Denver Center Theatre Company

Best New Play: Sonny, by David Jones, Jack's Theatre

Best New Theater Company: The Compass Theatre Company

Best Corny Christmas Show: The 1940s Radio Hour, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities


Best Delivery Man: Joe Cohen, M.D.

Best Cigars: Jerri's Tobacco Shop

Best Place to Buy Foreign Cigarettes: Paris on the Platte

Best Head Shop: Freaky's

Best Head Shop for Christians: Probasco's Wig and Bible Shop

Best Foot Shop: Sox Appeal, Writer Square

Best Place to Buy Platform Shoes: Baker's Shoe Store

Best Pedicure (According to Madeline Kahn): Oxford Aveda Spa and Salon

Best Manicure (According to Native New Yorkers): Sunny's Hair and Nail

Best Place to Make sure Your Joints will Jibe: The Woodworker's Store

Best Hardware Store: McGuckin Hardware

Best Software Store: CW Electronic Sales Co.

Best Computer Bulletin Board: Global-Link Network

Best Hole-In-The-Wall Boutique: Phases of the Moon, Tabor Center

Best Hole-In-The-Wall Bike Boutique: Collins' Bicycles

Best Teenage Mutant Bicycles: Bob's Build-A-Bike

Best Cards: Avant-Card, Writer Square

Best Braille Playing Cards: The Wizard's Chest

Best Vintage Store: The American Ace's

Best Cowboy Furniture: Lakewood Furniture

Best Junk: Capitol Hill

Best Stuff: Stuff n' Nonsense

Best Christian Couch-Potato Stuff: TV's Plus

Best Eclectica: Hearthside Creations

Best Electrica: Fistell's

Best Guitar Store: House of Music

Best Fabric Store: Lunn Fabrics

Best Bead Store: Pearls and Jewels

Best Tatting Supplies: Beggar's Lace

Best Needlepoint Supplies: The Needleworker

Best Cure for Dullards: The Competitive Edge Mobile Sharpening Service

Best Cure for Dullards who get out of the House Once in a While: King Soopers

Best Free Service: Children's videotapes, Denver Public Library Readers' Choice: 16th St. Mall Shuttle Bus

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor: Akente Express Readers' Choice: Tristan the 50-cent hot dogs guy

Best Vending Machine: Taj Mahal

Best Airport Parking Lot: Airport Auto Park and Care

Best Way to Look Like an Heiress for an Evening: Rich Rags

Best Big Ballroom: El Jebel Shrine

Best Ballroom Dance Parties: Sentimental Swing at the Turnverein

Best Ballroom Dancing Instructor: Steve Shepard, Colorado Free University

Best Elvis Sightings: Current Inc.

Best New-Ager with a Sense of Humor: Lari Mangum, Azoth Enterprises

Best Listening Device: Denver Metro Scanner Guide

Best Heavy-Breathing Business: Audio Entertainment Inc.

Best Adult Bookstore: Regal Video and Adult Bookstore Readers' Choice: Kitty's

Best Adult Bookstore for the Rest of Us: Tattered Cover

Best Used Bookstore for hardcore Christians: Bible Discount Book & Music Company

Best Used Bookstore for the Rest of Us: Books Books Books

Best Latino Lit Source: SouthWest Tales

Best New Books Under four Bucks: The Book Market

Best Used Hardcover Reference Works: A Time to Read

Best Collection of Collectible Books: The Old Algonquin Bookstore

Best Collection of Books on Hitler: Poor Richard's Bookstore

Best Unexpected Art in a Used Bookstore: Stage House 2

Best Newsstand: Johnny's Newsstand Readers' Choice: Newsstand Cafe

Best Library for Brainiacs and Infoholics: Auraria Library, Auraria Campus

Best Way to Stay Awake while Reading: Boulder Public Library Espresso Bar

Best Place to Daydream About Being on the Road: The Beat Book Shop

Best Service Station with a Cappuccino Machine: Total Petroleum

Best Sauna, Hot Tub and Mobile Mechanic by the Interstate: Truck Bath

Best Ski Resort Service Station: Amoco, Copper Mountain

Best Service Station with a Karaoke Machine: Handy Corner Gas Station

Best Place to Meet Travis Bickle: The Supply Sergeant

Best Quadrilingual Taxi Driver: Cristian Mateescu, Metro Taxi, cab #198

Best Used Leather Jackets: Denver Used Motorcycle Parts

Best Place to Buy a Big Rock: Tribble Stone Co.

Best Real Jewelry on a Real Budget: The Little Jewel

Best Body Piercing: K&K Jewelry

Best Body Jewelry: The Crypt

Best Alternative Jewelry: Gorgasms Creations

Best Tattoo Artist: Sister Bear

Best Lighthearted Condom Giveaway: KBPI-FM 105.9

Best Deadly Serious Condom Giveaway: Adams County School District

Best Place to Groom a Dog: Noah's Bark Pet Center

Best Do-it-Yourself Dog Wash: Denver Dog-O-Mat

Best Place to Shoot your Pet: Blue Cross Animal Clinic

Best Friends of Man's Best Friend: DAR

Best Place to Buy Dog Food: 6th Ave. Pet Supplies

Best Bulk Kitty Litter: Cub Foods

Best Bulk Feed for Horses and Cattle: Agate Elevator

Best Place to Rent a Horse to Ride to the Central City Casinos: A&A Historical Trails

Best Place to Reserve for a Wedding Reception: The Dove House

Best Place to Rent a Dance Floor: Handy Nabor Party Rentals

Best Place to Rent a Video: Video One Readers' Choice: Blockbuster Video

Best Jazz Record Store: Jazz Record Revival

Best Latin Record Store: Aguila Record Company

Best Vinyl Store: Don's Discs Readers' Choice: Wax Trax

Best Huge Record Store: JB&H Records and Tapes

Best Place to Buy Used CDs: Twist & Shout. Reader's Choice: Wax Trax

Best Laundromat: Clean Center

Best New Antique Epicenter: 3800-4400 blocks of Tennyson St.

Best Thrift Shop: Disabled American Veterans Thrift Stores Readers' Choice: Salvation Army

Best Way to get your Furniture Reupholstered on a Budget: Colorado School of Upholstery

Best Teacher Supply Store: Banks School Supply

Best Reason not to be Hooked on Phonics: Jumpstart, Let's Be Frank Productions

Best Way to Expose your Child to Art: Saturdays for Families, Denver Art Museum

Best Place to Rent a Breast Pump: The Lactation Program

Best Pediatric Dentist: Elizabeth S. Barr, D.M.D.

Best Medical Help for Kids whose Parents Don't Have Insurance: Doctors Care for Kids Clinic

Best Shrink for Antsy Eight-year-olds: George Dorry, Ph.D.

Best Shrink for Troubled Teenagers: Dr. Harvey Milkman, Project Self-Discovery

Best Shrink for Birdbrains: Mattie Sue Athan

Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party: Lake's Gymnastic Academy

Best Present for Kids Who Write: Illustory Book, Chimeric Inc.

Best Bookstore for Kids: The Bookies

Best Training Ground for Cherry Creek Shoppers: Deziners Kids Salon

Best Little Dresses for a Lotta Money: Knit Wit

Best Used Baby Clothes: My Sister's Place

Best Nursery: Earth Gardens

Best Eyeglasses Lost and Found: See-Cycle

Best Place to Buy a Gargoyle: Mile High Statuary

Best Megastore: Peppercorn Gourmet Goods

Best Outlet Store for Women: 9 West, Castle Rock Factory Shops

Best Outlet Store for Men: Van Heusen, Castle Rock Factory Shops

Best Deal on Sportswear: Woolrich Factory

Best Place to Buy Antique Birthday Presents for Eccentric Friends: The Antique Market

Best Place to Buy Fast-Food Trinkets: Stage Stop Antique Mall

Best Cheap Thrills: The Thrifty Times

Best Break for Female Entrepreneurs: Women's Equity Fund

Best Pipe Dream for Women: Denver Water Dept.

Best Politically Incorrect Office Amenity: Office Mom, Evolving Systems Inc.

Best Surrogate Grandmas: North Jeffco Senior Center

Best Kitchen Store: Cook's Mart Ltd

Best One-Stop for a Couscous Party: International Market

Best Russian Grocery Store: European Mart, Inc.

Best Asian Market for Atmosphere: Xuan Trang

Best Throwback Grocery Store: Cerrone's

Best Upscale Italian Market: Aromas Market

Best Neighborhood Market: Johnnie's Grocery & Market Readers' Choice: Alfalfa's

Best Local Cookbook: Simply Colorado

Best Supermarket Innovation: King Soopers

Best Supermarket for Free Food: Alfalfa's/Cherry Creek Readers' Choice: Alfalfa's

Best Illegal Vendors: An Ode to the Underground Burrito


Best Appetizer: Sweet Corn Cakes w/Chipotle Shrimp and Smoked Chile Butter,Zenith American Grill

Best Caesar Salad: Cliff Young's Readers' Choice: Paradise Bakery & Cafe

Best Fatoush: Mid East Feast Restaurant

Best Salad Bar: Boulder Salad Company Readers' Choice: Healthy Habits

Best Pho: Pho Hoa

Best Hu Tieu: Dakao Restaurant

Best Bean Dish: Feijoada Completa, Cafe Brazil

Best Unexpected Steaks: McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Best Steak House: The Fort Readers' Choice: Morton's Of Chicago

Best Cheap Steaks: Western Sizzlin Steak House Readers' Choice: Club 404

Best Steak Tartare: Philippe's

Best Fondue: Chalet Suisse

Best Risotto: Laudisio Ristorante Italiano

Best Vegetarian Dish: Eggplant Roulade, Olive Oil Readers' Choice: Greens Natural Foods Cafe

Best Pasta Salad: Bluepoint Restaurant at the Ice House

Best Chicken Salad: Boston Chicken

Best Desserts: Le Delice Readers' Choice: Raspberry cobbler at Jus Cookin's

Best Sugar Rush: S weet Surprise Bakery and Cafe

Best Italian Ices: The King's Ice

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: The Doubletree Hotel

Best Rugelach: Bagel Delicatessen & Restaurant

Best Greek Cookies: Omonia Bakery

Best Breads: Bluepoint Bakery

Best Pita Bread: Damascus Restaurant

Best Bakery: Bobby Dazzler Readers' Choice: Blue Point Bakery

Best Mexican Bakery: La Favorita

Best Bagels: New York Bagel Boys

Best Russian Dumplings: Little Russian Cafe

Best Nepali Dumplings: Narayan's Nepal Restaurant

Best Japanese Dumplings: Ikano Bowl

Best Sushi: Sonoda Restaurant Readers' Choice:

Best Sushi Roll: The Softshell Crab Roll, Sushi Den

Best Seafood: Cherry Crest Seafood Market and Restaurant Readers' Choice: Fresh Fish Company

Best Seafood with an Accent: Los Cabos

Best Crabcakes: Marvin Gardens

Best Fried Catfish: Park Hill Seafood Restaurant

Best Shrimp Cocktail: El Chalan

Best Seafood Brunch: Fresh Fish Company

Best Blowout Brunch: Ellyngton's, Brown Palace Hotel Readers' Choice: Scanticon Hotel

Best Breakfast Under $2: Southside Cafe Readers' Choice: Mary & Lou's Cafe

Best Lunch to Buy your Mother: Andre's Restaurant & Confiserie Suisse

Best Ladies' Lunch According to Hubcap Annie: Goodfriend's Restaurant

Best Ladies' Lunch According to Judi Wolf: Strings

Best Business Lunch: Le Central

Best Express Lunch: Cliff Young's

Best Prix Fixe Dinner: Tivoli Deer

Best Dinner Under $5: Ikano Bowl Readers' Choice: Brick Oven Beanery

Best Two-for-one Deal: The Augusta, Westin Hotel

Best After-Dinner Dividend: Luethy's Kitchen

Best Microbiotic Meal: Greens Natural Foods Cafe

Best All-You-Can-Eat: Denver Athletic Club Readers' Choice: Furr's Cafeteria

Best All-Night Restaurant: Denver West-Auto Truck Plaza Readers' Choice: Pete's Kitchen

Best Chicken-Fried Steak: Stockyards Inn

Best Nineties-Style Chicken-Fried Steak: Rock Bottom Brewery

Best Toast and Gravy: Mary & Lou's Cafe

Best Biscuits and Gravy: The Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Fast Food: Oh! Calcutta

Best Food Court: Tabor Center Readers' Choice: Tabor Center

Best Phat Thai: Tommy's Oriental

Best Late-Night Delivery: Singapore Cafe

Best Downtown Deli Delivery: Champa Deli

Best Chinese Take-out: Sunny China Cafe

Best Dim Sum: China Jade Seafood Restaurant

Best Chinese Roast Duck: Li Yuen

Best $1 Chinese Food: Bowl & Chopsticks Express Restaurant

Best A&W Root Beer Stand: A&W Family Restaurant

Best Burgers: Bud's Cafe & Bar Readers' Choice: Denver Buffalo Company

Best Resurrected Burgers: Micky Manor

Best Condiment Presentation with a Burger: The Tabor Grill, The Westin Hotel

Best Cheeseburgers: My Brother's Bar

Best Hot Dogs: Denver Buffalo Company Readers' Choice: Mustard's Last Stand

Best French Fries: Girelli's Sub Shop, Tabor Center Food Court Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Onion Rings: The Black Timber Tavern Readers' Choice: Goodfriend's Restaurant

Best Wings: Old Chicago, nine area locations Readers' Choice: Woody's Wings-N-Things

Best Fried Chicken: White Fence Farm Readers' Choice: Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken

Best Subs: Pasquini's Readers' Choice: Quizno's

Best Cheesesteaks: Acappella's.

Best Gourmet Sandwich: Tuscan Italian Sandwich, Bluepoint at the Ice House

Best Pizza: Olive Oil Readers' choice: Armando's

Best Over-the-Top Pizza: Olive's Gourmet Pizza

Best Garlic Pizza: Dolcamino's Italian Cuisine and Coffee House

Best Italian Deli: Vito's

Best Jewish Deli: Zaidy's Deli

Best Coffeehouse: Stella Geel's & Company Readers' Choice: The Market

Best Smoke-Free Coffeehouse: Common Grounds

Best Coffeehouse with a Ping-Pong Table: St. Mark's

Best Coffeehouse for Kids: Caffe Arabica

Best Old-Style Java Joint: Muddy's Java Cafe

Best Espresso Milkshake: Iced Hazlenut Mocha, The Espresso Bar/Uptown

Best Espresso Slurpee: The Granita, Coffee West

Best Cappuccino: Starbucks Readers' Choice: Paris on the Platte

Best Spot for Gringo Mex and Cappuccino: Taco Express

Best Chubby's: Chubby Burger Drive-In

Best Mexican Evolution: Benny's

Best Chips and Salsa: La Cueva Readers' Choice: Juanita's Uptown

Best Nachos: Las Delicias, Del Norte Readers' Choice: Breckenridge Brewery

Best Quesadilla: Chez Jose

Best Taco: Mexico City Lounge Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Burrito: El Taco de Mexico Readers' Choice: El Taco de Mexico

Best Take-Out Burritos: Johnnie's Grocery & Market

Best Chicharrones Burrito: Las Palmas II

Best Chile Relleno: Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe Readers' Choice: Juanita's Uptown

Best Crispy Chile Relleno: Brewery Bar II

Best Green Chile: La Casa de Manuel Readers' Choice: Brewery Bar II

Best Red Chile: La Fiesta Supper Club Readers' Choice: (tie) La Loma/Chubby's

Best Flan: Rosa Linda Mexican Café

Best Margarita: La Loma Readers' Choice: The Morrison Inn

Best Martini: Chives American Bistro

Best Bartender: Larry "L. Buck" Frederick, Trinity Grill

Best Tough-Cookie Waitress: Heidi, The Wazee Supper Club

Best Happy Hour for Free Food: Proof of the Pudding Readers' Choice: Aqua Lounge

Best Happy Hour for $1: The Boiler Room, Tivoli Denver

Best Happy Hour for Meeting and Greeting: Denver Buffalo Company

Best Happy Hour for Adventurous Women: Diamond Cabaret Steakhouse

Best Wine-by-the-Glass Selection: Footer's Restaurant Readers' choice: Chives American Bistro

Best Place to do Splits: Q's, Boulderado Hotel

Best Beer Selection: Old Chicago

Best Pub Brew: Railyard Ale, Wynkoop Brewing Company Readers' Choice: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Beer and Bathroom at McNichols: The Butcher Block, McNichols Arena

Best Fireplace in a Restroom: The Roslynn Grill

Best Juice Bar: Alfalfa's/Capitol Hill

Best Lemonade: Falafel King

Best Milkshakes: Annie's Cafe

Best Hot Chocolate: Cafe Euphrates

Best Kids' Menu: Sfuzzi

Best Place to Take the Kids: Western Sizzlin Steak House Readers' Choice: Chuck E. Cheese's

Best Restaurant to Take the Kid to if you're a Saint: Gunther Toody's

Best Southwestern Restaurant: Mesa Bar & Grill, Table Mountain Inn

Best Outdoor Patio: Cafe Paradise Readers' Choice: My Brother's Bar

Best Romantic Restaurant: Tante Louise Readers' choice: Tante Louise

Best New Restaurant: Marvin Gardens Readers' Choice: Barolo Grill

Best Restaurant Makeover: Small Wonder Cafe

Best Trend-Setting Restaurant: Barolo Grill

Best Place to See and be Seen: Creekside Grill

Best After-Hours Hangout for Food Workers: Chives American Bistro

Best Tapas Bar: Mediterranean Restaurant

Best Asian Tapas Bar: Genroku Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant: Mori Sushi Bar & Tokyo Cuisine Readers' Choice: Sushi Den

Best Chinese Restaurant: Li Yuen Readers' Choice: Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant: Laudisio's Ristorante Italiano Readers' Choice: Dario's Restaurant

Best French Restaurant: Cache Cache Readers' Choice: Tante Louise

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon Readers' Choice: T-Wa Inn

Best Thai Restaurant: Sawaddee Readers' Choice: J's Noodles

Best Indian Restaurant: India's

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Jerusalem Restaurant

Best Ethiopian Restaurant: Maskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying: Flagstaff House Restaurant Readers' Choice: Cliff Young's