Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff argue about who's the most outsidery

Even as Republican gubernatorial candidates Dan Maes and Scott McInnis get ready to square off during tonight's caucuses, the Democratic senatorial candidates, appointee Michael Bennet and opponent Andrew Romanoff, will be doing likewise. And if Bennet's just-released TV spot is any indication, their supporters will be arguing about who's more of an outsider.

In the clip above, Bennet, looking like a less gray Pete Coors, emphasizes that he's only been in Washington for a year, and in that time, he's figured out what's wrong with the town -- hence his call for a ban on lobbying for former Congressmen and an end to health care for senators and representatives until they can provide the same kind of coverage for the rest of the citizenry. As for Romanoff, he can be seen in a video posted by characterizing Bennet as the insider's choice. Check out the Romanoff clip below: