Brandon Lloyd vs. Cardinals cheerleader: Teddy bear or one-man wrecking crew?

If you haven't seen the footage from earlier this month when Brandon Lloyd took a few extra steps out of bounds after a catch and sent a Cardinals cheerleader scrambling, stop reading immediately and click through to the image below. It's great -- one of those rare unscripted, uncontrolled NFL moments that manage to break through the League's lacquered-on personality. Especially given all the evidence that Brandon Lloyd couldn't be a less threatening professional athlete.

Maybe probably he could have stopped sooner. Maybe he was yelling or something in celebration of the first down he'd just gotten. She might have been caught off guard by all six foot nothing, 194 pounds of freight train bearing down. So we certainly don't mean to suggest she did anything we wouldn't have done in the same situation (though it is entirely possible we'd have wet our pants). But let's take stock of who, exactly, she was terrified of. Here's Lloyd at a FedEx office last week doing some charity packing and shipping:

We mean this as the highest possible compliment, but he's not exactly Ray Lewis. He is, however, your league-leading wide receiver. Hey, we'll take the small victories where they come. And now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be watching that .gif on a loop for another twenty minutes.