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Reader: End result of DPD investigation? Nothing will change

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Sunday, 911 got a call from Christopher Perea, who said that his wife, Loretta Barela, was "cold and her jaw is stiff." Denver officers soon arrived at the couple's home in southwest Denver, found Barela's lifeless body, and arrested Perea on suspicion of homicide. But this incident only raises more suspicions -- because it turns out that a neighbor had called 911 more than six hours earlier, and more than once, to report domestic violence at that same address, and when officers arrived in response, they did not enter the home.

Yesterday Denver Police Chief Robert White said he'd ordered the DPD's internal affairs bureau to investigate what amounted to a six-and-a-half hour gap between the first call and the discovery of Barela's body -- enough time to let it get "cold."

But readers have their doubts that this investigation will have real results.

Says evdebbs:

There will be a "task force" consisting of Denver elite. A pretend investigation will ensue. The police involved will lie to cover their behinds. Said police involved will within 6-12 months be given raises and promotions. John and Jill Citizen will still hoist the police on a pedestal as heroes... AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

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