Heavy Lifting

The rehashing of the JonBenet Ramsey case on 48 Hours last Saturday has touched off a wave of Ramsey speculations on the Internet — although probably not the way the producers intended. While many of the program's claims about John Mark Karr and his pursuer, University of Colorado journalism professor Michael Tracey, were met with incredulity—see our take on the matter in this week's Off Limits, and our earlier take-out of Tracey here -- a great deal of broadband chatter was reserved for discussion of John Ramsey's new look. Did he have an eye lift or not? What's going on with that hair?

One popular Ramsey forum even posted before-and-after pictures here, as well as pix comparing Tracey's uncanny resemblance to cartoon classic Secret Squirrel here .

For the cybersleuths, the clues have to be followed, no matter where they lead. --Alan Prendergast