Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Tom Tancredo: If he's Uncle Fester, which member of the Addams Family is Dan Maes?

When Dan Maes isn't comparing himself to the heroic Serpico, he's linking Tom Tancredo to loony "Uncle Fester" of The Addams Family -- a label he first offered Denver Magazine, and repeated last week on KOA.

But if Tancredo is Uncle Fester, who is Maes?

Our vote is for Pugsley, the weirdo son who wants to be normal.

For the record, here's how Maes explained his Uncle Fester/Tancredo comparison to KOA: "He's fun to have at a party, sticking a lightbulb in his mouth, but you wouldn't want him to lead anything."

We're still working on the rest of the cast. Although Lurch and Cousin Itt are up for grabs, Thing could well be John Hickenlooper, the luckiest man in Colorado politics, forever breaking out of the box. But in the meantime, one character is a lock:

Freda Poundstone as Grandmama.