Best of Denver

Best of Denver Winners from 2000

In 2000, Westword published its seventeenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best Name for the New Football Stadium (brewmeister John Hickenlooper’s campaign to keep the Mile High Stadium brand inspired customers to suggest he run for mayor), to Best Performance by a Coloradan (local girl Jessica Biel was making good – very good – in movies and national magazines) to Best Political Resurrection (twelve years as governor would be enough to send most people into retirement – but Roy Romer moved on to a job as superintendent of the Los Angeles school system).

But the biggest resurrection of all involved the transformation of a dilapidated building at Clarkson and Colfax that had gone through numerous incarnations – from roller rink to wrestling ring to recreational sports center. By 1999, bombed-out buildings in Beirut seemed to have more concert-venue potential than the Mammoth Events Center – but a few million dollars and a name change later, it had been transformed into Denver’s Best New Old Music Hall: the Fillmore Auditorium. With acts ranging from Dylan to the Cult to Flogging Molly, the Fillmore continues to rock this town.

Here are the rest of the Best of Denver winners from 2000

Best of 2000

People & Places

Best Way for Denver to Celebrate the Real Start of The Millennium – Party! Party! Readers Choice: Massive Multi-Block Party

Best Oscar-Night Performance by a Coloradan – Trey Parker

Best Performance by a Hollywood Actor Playing a Onetime Coloradan – Chad Lowe in Take Me Home: The John Denver Story

Best New Revelation About John Denver – His Fbi File

Best Performance by a Coloradan in a National Magazine – Jessica Biel, Posed Nude in Gear

Best Place to See Local TV Reporters Pretending to be Local TV Reporters – Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Jonbenet Mini Series

Best Local TV Commercial – Colorado Lottery Readers Choice: Rocky's Auto

Best Live Philanthropist – Sharon Magness

Best Dead Philanthropist – Bill Daniels

Best Goodwill Ambassador, at Home – John Hickenlooper

Best Goodwill Ambassador, Abroad – Charlie Papazian

Best Donation for Victims of June Fires – Grateful Dead Tapes

Best Source of News About the June Fires –

Best Officer to Answer Your 911 Call – Sergeant Terry Riebling, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

Best New Name for Colorado's High-Tech Hub – Mile High Tech

Best Virtual Tour – www.Archives.State.Co.Us/Govs/Mansion/

Best Move by Mayor Wellington Webb – Homeless Shelter for Women and Families

Best-Earned Retirement – Senator Dorothy Rupert

Best-Dressed Legislator – Senator Ken Chlouber

Best Political Resurrection – Roy Romer

Best Pictorial Resurrection – Roy Romer

Best Unexpected Performance by a City Administrator – Veggo Larsen

Best New City for the Tea Party to Take Over – Highlands Ranch

Best City Newsletter – Timberlines, Lone Tree

Best Speech by a Politician – Statewide Moment Of Silence, April 21, 2000, 11:21 Am

Best Toilet Paper – The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Communtiy Services Center of Colorado

Best Neighborhood to Top the Houses – Denver Country Club/Polo Grounds

Best Reuse of a Sewage Plant – Northside Park, Globeville

Best Wafting Odor – Jolly Rancher Candies

Best Guess for When Denver Will be a One-Daily Town – The Day After The Justice Dept Turns Down The Joa Application Readers Choice: 2001

Best Voice of Reason in Columbine Coverage – Gene Amole

Best Columbine Satire – The Onion, "Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying"

Best PR Campaign – John And Patsy Ramsey

Best Collapse of a Pr Campaign – John And Patsy Ramsey

Best Jonbenét Mystic – Linda Arndt

Best Book on the Murder of Jonbenét Ramsey – Jonbenet: Inside The Ramsey Murder Investigation

Best TV Personality V.S. Government Official Feud – Barbara Walters V.S. Bill Owens

Best Radio Personality V.S. Public Mouthpiece Feud – Peter Boyles V.S. Andrew Hudson

Best Radio Personality V.S. Private Mouthpiece Feud – Peter Boyes V.S. Sam Riddle

Best Radio Personality V.S. Print Reporter Feud – Peter Boyles V.S. Lisa Levitt Ryckman

Best Print Reporter V.S. Print Reporter Feud, First Place – Mike Klis V.S. Tracy Ringolsby

Best Print Reporter V.S. Print Reporter Feud, Second Place – Lynn Bartels V.S. Mark Obmascik

Best Gossip Columnist – Dick Kreck, Denver Post

Best New Local Publication – In The Black

Best Collaborative Underground Comic Strip – "Hector"

Best Radio Rise and Fall – Bob Visotchy

Best Radio Shakeup – Clear Channel Merger

Best Radio Station – Kvcu-Am. Radio 1190

Best Web Radio Station –

Best Radio Talk-Show Host – Rick Barber, KOA-AM 850

Best Morning Radio Show – Bret Saunders, KBCO-FM 97.3

Best Afternoon Radio Show – The Sports Zoo, KOA-AM 850

Best Radio Double Shift – Willie B., KBPI-FM 106.7

Best Local T.V. Newscast, Morning – Channel 9 Readers Choice: Channel 9

Best Local T.V. Newscast, Evening – Channel 7 Readers Choice: Channel 9

Best T.V. Executive – Cindy Velasquez, Channel 7

Best Save – Greenland Ranch

Best Local T.V. Anchor – Adele Arakawa, Channel 9 Readers Choice: Ed Sardella

Best Local T.V. Sportscaster – Vic Lombardi, Channel 4 Readers Choice: Tom Green

Best Local T.V. Weathercaster – Marty Coniglio, Channel 7 Readers Choice: Mike Nelson

Best Impending Entry Into the Denver T.V. News Scene – Channel 31

Best Helicopter Footage – Channel 7

Best Graphic Traffic Updates – Channel 4

Best Hair on a Local Tv Personality, Male – Marc Soicher, Channel 4 Reader's Choice: Ed Green

Best Hair on a Local T.V. Personality, Female – Kyle Dyer, Channel 9 Reader's Choice: Amie Sporer

Best Name of a Denver T.V. Personality, Male – Larry Blunt, Channel 4

Best Name of a Denver T.V. Personality, Female – Jennifer Zeppelin, Channel 4

Best Proof That T.V. Attracts The Clinically Insane – Dan Daru, Channel 2

Best New Old Street – East Colfax Avenue

Best New Building – The Daniel L. Ritchie Center Readers Choice: Pepsi Center

Best New High-Rise – The Hines Tower

Best Historic Rehab – Sugar Building and Annex Readers Choice: Rei (Forney Museum)

Best Save From The Wrecking Ball – Midland Buidling

Best Renovation of a Local Landmark – The Sculptured House, Genesee Mountian

Best Surviving Example of Classic Cherry Creek Chic – Ilona Of Hungary Building

Best Bright Idea Downtown – Relighting The Facade of The Old Chamber of Commerce Building, 1726 Champa

Best New Old-Timey Building – Wynkoop Building, 1899 Wynkoop

Best Place to Take an Afternoon Nap Without Being Disturbed – The State Capitol Committee Meeting Rooms

Best Place to Take an Afternoon Nap and Feel Smart – Main Library, University Of Colorado At Boulder

Best Extracurricular Activity – Denver Neighborhood Women's History Trail, Women of The West Museum

Best Curricular Activity – Escuela Guadalupe

Goods & Services

Best Spa For Gen-X'ers – The Blue Door

Best Place to Get Tattooed, Pierced Before you get a Haircut – Twisted Sol

Best Place to a Haircut After you get Tattooed, Pierced – Urban Renewal

Best Haircuts for Little Screamers – Tortoise And The Hare

Best Place Downtown to Hail a Cab Late at Night – The Brown Palace Hotel

Best Parking-Lot Attendant – Rose Peterson, 15th And Delgany Streets

Best Lock on a Parking Spot – Cashkey, Denver Dept Of Public Works

Best Anti-Ticket Service – First Call Communications

Best Car Wash – Puddle

Best License Plate Design – Designer Plates Readers Choice: Old Green And White

Best use for Old Tires – Jaitire Industries

Best Recycled Utopia – Can Land Recycling Center

Best Place to Lighten Your Load – Family Tree Foundation

Best Alley Scavenging – 4th To 7th Avenues Between Downing St And University Blvd.

Best Incentive to get the Kids to Clean the House – BFI Landfill

Best Place to Score Marijuana in a Pinch – The Lawn Between City Hall and The State Capitol

Best New Narcotics Anonymous Meeting – Ray Of Light

Best Realtors for Gays and Lesbians – Rosnik And Associates

Best Condom-Storage Gadget – Crazy Condom Keypers, Planned Parenthood

Best Wedding Invitations – Paper Talk

Best Romantic Web Site –

Best Job Applications – Denvergov Online and Job Application and Resume Management System,

Best Last-Minute Schedule Checks – Rtd's Online Bus Schedules,

Best Tonic for Your Soles – Dardano's Shoes and Repair Web Site,

Best Jills of all Trades – 2nd String Moms

Best Way to Leave a Hint – Wish Registry, Paper Pleasures.

Best Wedding Photographer – Moses Street

Best Kids' Photographer – Black & White By Krista

Best Personalized Nostalgia – Photographs and Memories

Best Place to Pamper Your Poodle – Shylo Country Club For Dogs

Best Place to Worship Your Cat – The Cat Hospital Of Wheatridge

Best Service Pets – Alliance of Best Friends

Best Service for Pets – Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning Clinics, Pet World

Best 24-Hour Service – Walgreen's 24 Hour Pharmacy Readers Choice: 7-11

Best Emergency Service – Urban Wildlife Rescue Readers Choice: 911

Best Free Service -- Denver Water Dept's Xeriscape Seminars, Info and Demonstration Garden Readers Choice: 16th Street Mall Shuttle

Best Xeriscape Handbooks – Denver Water Dept,

Best General Garden Center – Echter's Greenhouse and Gardens

Best Neighborhood Greenhouse – Groundcovers Greenhouse and Nursery

Best Neighborhood Garden Nook – The Potted Garden

Best Garden Pagodas – Barong Collection

Best High-Altitude Cultivars – Pleasant Avenue Nursery

Best Class for Snowbound Gardeners – Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain Wildflowers

Best Herbs – Lily's Herbery

Best Zen Shopping – Now And Zen

Best Adult Paraphernalia – Pandora's Toy Box

Best Introduction to Capitalism – Glendale Public Library

Best Store at Cherry Creek Shopping Center – Illuminations Readers Choice: Neiman Marcus

Best Store at Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Jr. – The Children's Place

Best Store at Park Meadows – Lauren Brooks Readers Choice: Nordstrom

Best Shop at DIA – Us Post Office Readers Choice: Body Shop

Best Flight Out of DIA – Frontier Flight 771, 9:35 Am To Las Vegas

Best Store Anywhere on Colfax Avenue – Temple of Being/Bound By Design Readers Choice: Kitty's

Best Place to Find High-Altitude Balls – Game-Set-Match

Best Used Sporting Goods Store – Sports Plus

Best Place to Buy Coins and Estate Jewelry – Tebo Coins

Best Place to Sober Up in a Hurry – Rei Denver Flagship Store

Best Place to Chill Out – Tattered Cover Lodo

Best Tilemaker – Mosaica Mexican Tile

Best Banister – Native American Trading Co.

Best Stone – Colorado Stone Company

Best New Looks for Old Fireplaces – Victorial Treasures

Best Furniture Imports – Foreign Accents Int'l Furnishings

Best Lampshade Salesperson – Lynda Ferris, Lampshade Gallery

Best Mickey Mouse Bathrooms – Bath & Kitchen Design Center

Best Video Store – Video Station

Best New-CD Store – Wax Trax

Best Used-CD Store – Twist And Shout

Best Used-Vinyl Store – Don's Discs

Best Anti-Theft Device at a Record Store – Jerry's Record Exchange

Best Place to Turn Jagged Little Pill Into a Five-Dollar Bill – Cheapo Discs

Best Used Books – The Book Stack, Mary Reed Building, DU Campus

Best Kids' Bookstore – The Bookies

Best Eclectica – Five Green Boxes

Best Judaica – Boulder Arts & Crafts Cooperative

Best Cultural Collision – Ameri-Mart

Best Place to Buy an Irish Sweater – Thistle & Shamrock

Best T-Shirts – Cargo

Best Handbags – Alice's Tapestries

Best Hole-In-The-Wall Kids' Boutique – Beez Kneez

Best Kids' Resale Emporium – Once Upon A Child

Best Handmade Frocks and Overalls – Ladonna's House Of Design

Best Handmade Toys – Sweet Lily's Toy Company

Best Toques for Tykes – Sur La Table, Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Best Great Big Beautiful Dolls – The Doll Shop

Best Sock Dolls – Marcia's Kids

Best Flower Fairies – Konvalinka Porcelain Doll Art, Susan Lee Danaher

Best Mini Flower Fairies – The Tended Thicket

Best Alien Collection – Sci-Fanime

Best Alien Mugs – The Clayhouse

Best Hello Kitty Collection – Hello Kitty World At Min Min

Sports & Recreation

Best New Sports Venue – Magness Arena, Ritchie Center For Sports And Wellness

Best Gift for the Sports Fan/Architect – Blueprints Of The New Denver Broncos Stadium

Best Name for The New Football Stadium – Mile High Stadium Readers Choice: Mile High Stadium

Second-Best Name for The New Football Stadium – Qwest Stadium

Best Bronco – Terrell Davis Readers Choice: Terrell Davis

Best Broncos Super-Bowl Coverage in a Year The Broncos Weren't in The Super Bowl– AM 950- The Fan

Best New Reasons to Canonize John Elway – Brian Griese And Gus Frerotte

Best Local Jock Quote – Bubby Brister, "Back In The Day..."

Best Rockie – Todd Helton Readers Choice: Todd Helton

Best Performance By a Rockies Starting Pitcher – Pedro Astacio, June 3

Best Use of Parking Spaces – Co Rockies Wheelchair Softball League, Coors Field, North Parking Lot

Best Nugget – Antonio Mcdyess Readers Choice: Antonio Mcdyess

Best Av – Peter Forsberg Readers Choice: Peter Forsberg

Best Acquisitions – Ray Bourque and Dave Andreychuk

Best Fan Banner – "Stick a Bourque in 'Em!"

Best Pro Sports Announcer – Mike Haynes, Am-950/The Fan

Best Rapid – Junior Agogo Readers Choice: Marcelo Balboa

Best University of Denver Hockey Player – Mark Rycroft

Best University of Colorado Football Player – Daniel Graham

Best Air Force Academy Athlete – Shane Rogers

Best College Athlete You've Never Heard of – Kara Wheeler

Best Examples of Genuine Athletic Role Models – Colorado's Scholar Athletes

Best Reason to Wear Vaseline in The Cheap Seats – Denver Police Dept

Best High School Athlete – Alicia Salas

Best Local Sports Team, Amateur – Columbine High School Football Team Readers Choice: Cu Football (Buffalo)

Best Local Sports Team ,Professional – Rockies Readers Choice: Avalanche

Best Sports Coach, College – Mike Dunlap, Metro State Basketball Readers Choice: Sonny Lubick

Best Sports Coach, Professional – Bob Harley, Avalanche Readers Choice: Mike Shanahan

Best-Dressed Coach – Mike Shanahan Readers Choice: Bob Harley

Best New Use for Purple – Rockie's New Uniforms

Best Monsters – Dragons Of Komodo, Denver Zoo

Best Dinosaur – Cedarosaurus Weiskopfae, Weiskopf's Cedar-Reptile

Best Off-Leash Dog Park – Stevens Grove, Chatfield State Park, Littleton

Best Birdwatching, West – Chatfield State Park

Best Birdwatching, East – Denver Int'l Airport

Best Place to Catch a Trout Without Leaving Town – City Park

Best South Suburban Alternative to Clement Park – The Ridge at West Meadows Regional Park

Best New Bowling Alley – Fat City

Best Old Bowling Alley – Sport Lanes And Billiards

Best Tours for Tourists – Gunslingers, Ghosts and Gold Walking Tours

Best Tours for Locals – Walking Tours By Phil Goodstein

Best Ski Guide – Kyle Bartlett

Best Canoe Trips – Swallow Hill Canoe Trips

Best Place to Plan Your Campout – Co State Parks Activities And Facilities Web Page,

Best Winter Camping Trips – Co State Parks Yurts, State Forest and Ridgeway State Parks

Best Leks – Wray

Best Place to Cuddle an Alpaca – Switzer-Land Farm, Estes Park

Best Kids' Nature Programs – Co Bird Observatory, Www.Cbobirds.Org

Best Kids' Recreation Programs – Ritchie Center For Sports And Wellness

Best Kid Place That Really Lives Up to Its Name – Funtastic Fun

Best Birthday Parties for Active Kids – Gymnastics Parties At Meadowood Reacreation Center

Best Kids' Gardening Experience – Mr. McGregor's Garden, Denver Botanic Gardens

Best Flying Pumpkins – Denver Urban Garden's Jack-O-Launch Contest

Best Community Project – Box Canyon Restoration, City Park

Best Sports Date Night – March 17, 2000, Stevie Johnson Vs. Julio Alvarez

Best Fitness Retreats for Women – Women's Quest Fitness Retreats

Best Locale to Place Your Bets – Red & Jerry's

Best Racing Greyhound – Shootyz Groove

Best Thoroughbred Racehorse – Moonlight Maverick

Best Place to Bag a Bull – Game Management Unit 201, Moffat County

Best Place to go When You Absolutely Must Fill Your Tag – Game Management Unit 20, Near Estes Park

Best Place to Check Out Shred Betties – Loveland Ski Resort Readers Choice: Copper Mountain

Best Quick Ski Fix – Rtd's Ski-N-Ride To Eldora

Best Black Diamond Ski Run – The Plunge, Telluride

Best Public Golf Course – Arrowhead Golf Club

Best Golf Shot – David Toms, 1999 Sprint Int'l

Best Tennis Courts, Public – Gates Tennis Center

Best Tennis Courts, Private – Greenwood Athletic Club

Best Tennis Player – Jeff Loehr

Best Swimming Pool – Wheatridge Rec Center

Best Climbing Wall – Rock Cliffs Outside of Morrison

Best Mountain-Bike Ride on Which to Break Your Neck – Dakota Ridge, Jefferson Cty Readers Choice: Apex

Best Road-Bike Ride on Which to Burst Your Lungs – High Grade Road, Littleton to Conifer

Best Casual Bike Tours— Blazing Saddles

Best Bicycles Built for Two – Tandem Cycle Works Of CO

Best Bike-Riding Lesson – Pedal Magic

Best Trail Run – Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

Best Race to Forget You are Running – Colorado Run

Best Race to Run a Personal Record – Evergreen Town Race Readers Choice: Bolder Boulder

Best Place to Ruin a Personal Record – Us Vertical Kilometer

Arts & Entertainment

Best Free Entertainment – Lutheran Medical Center Lobby Readers Choice: 16th Street Mall

Best Entertainment for Under $1 – 3am #15 Bus Eastbound on Colfax Readers Choice: Kitty's

Best Ticket Deals – Hot Tickets,

Best Movie-Theater Popcorn – Mayan Readers Choice: Mayan

Best New Concession Item – Italian Sodas, Chez Artiste

Best Before- and After-Movie Watering Hole – Bistro Adde Brewster

Best Movie Theater, High-Tech – IMAX, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Best Movie Theater, Traditional – Mayan

Best Denver Film Festival Movie – Nic (Nothing), Poland

Best Denver Film Festival Sleeper – Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald, Japan

Best Specialty Film Festival – Aurora Asian Film Festival

Best Community Film Series – Boulder Film Alliance "Best of" Series

Best Arts Festival – Salida Artwalk

Best Politically Correct Tourist Greeting – Judith Francisca Baca's "La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra: Colorado (The Memory of Our Land), Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Dia

Best Reunion – Front Range Women in The Arts, Boulder Museum of Cont. Art

Best Comedy Revolution – A.C.E.'S Aspen Comedy Fringe Fest

Best Karaoke Host – Mel Apodaca

Best Dance Caller – Chris Kermiet

Best Place to Fiddle Around – Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, YMCA Camp Shady Brook, Deckers

Best of The Best – Co Performing Arts Hall of Fame

Best Local Kids' Recording – Wheeee: Songs and Stories for Kids by Front Range Artists, Boulder County's Community Music School

Best Place to Curl Up With a Harry Potter Book – Children's Library, Denver Central Library

Best Scientific Web Site for Kids – Web Weather for Kids, www.Ucar.Edu/40th/webweather

Best Artsy Kids' Site – Denver Art Museum,

Best New Public Art (Since June 1999) – "Full Fathom Five" By Tim Prentice Readers Choice: Ground Beef at Colorado and Alameda

Best Blockbuster Museum Exhibit – Matisse From The Baltimore Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum Reader's Choice: Matisse

Best Political Use of an Art Show to Get a Bigger Building – Impressionism, Denver Art Museum

Best Thing to Ever Happen to The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver – Director Mark Masuoka

Best Opportunity to Catch Up on The Latest International Art Buzz – Contemporary British Artists, Denver Art Museum

Best Imitation of a Museum Show – John F. Carlson and Artists of The Broadmoor Academy, David Cook Fine Art

Best Rediscovery of Hidden Treasures – Vanguard Art in Co: 1940-1970, Boulder Museum of Cont. Art

Best Salute to Colorado's Contemporary Art Scene – CO Abstration: 1975-1999, Arvada Center for The Arts and Humanities

Best Unexpected Exhibit -- Jazz: Tracing The Roots, Dia

Best Group Drawing Show – Master Drawings, Co Springs Fine Arts Center

Best Solo Painting Show, Emerging Artist – Bill Brazzell, Align, [email protected]

Best Solo Painting Show, Established Artist – Steven Altman, Untitled, Ilk on Santa Fe

Best Painting Duet – Tracy And Sushe Felix, New Work By Felix & Felix, William Havu Gallery

Best Temporary Mural – Stephen Batura, Floodplain, Pirate

Best Solo Sculpture Show, Emerging Artist – Melanie Hoshiko, Traverse, Gallery At Guiry's

Best Solo Sculpture Show, Established Artist – John Deandrea, Fragments, Singer Gallery

Best Career-Establishing Show – Bryan Andrews, Dopplegangers, Artyard

Best New York School Show – Carl Andre and Melissa Kretschmer, Rule Modern and Cont. Gallery

Best Place This Side of The Ozarks to See Carved Wood – North American Sculpture Exhibition, Foothills Art Center

Best Upstart Exhibition Organizer – Jason Thomas, Director Gallery at Guiry's

Best Combination of Funky And Fancy – Shows Organized By Jim Robischon and Jennifer Doran, Robischon Gallery

Best Example of The Work Ethic as Applied to The Fine Arts – Chuck Parson

Best Photo Show, Solo – Hal D. Gould: Visual Legacy, Camera Obscura Gallery

Best Photo Show, Group – Photography and The Creative Process, Co Photographic Arts Center and The Carol Keller Gallery

Best Show to Highlight a Playboy Photographer – Ted Williams, Tone Poems, Gallery M

Best Print Show, Solo – Emilio Lobato, Printmaker's Portfolio, William Havu Gallery

Best Print Show, Group – Works On Paper: A Riverhouse Retrospective, Republic Plaza

Best Art Show to Include Images Via Computer – Susan Goldstein, Life Layers, Edge Gallery

Best Friend to Colorado's Ceramic Artists – Rodger Lang

Best Solo Ceramics Show – Scott Chamberlain Twelve Years, Museum of Cont. Art Denver

Best Ceramics Duet – Time in Tandem: James And Nan Mckinnell Retrospective, Arvada Center for The Arts And Humanities

Best Group Ceramics Show, Historical Division – Colorado Kilns, Co History Museum

Best Group Ceramics Show, Contemporary Division – High Degrees, Metro State Center for The Visual Arts

Best Curatorial Gesture Linking Colorado with The Outside World – Ron Otsuka's Takashi Nakazato, Denver Art Museum

Best Installation Show, Solo – Gail Wagner, Edge Gallery

Best Installation Show, Group – Western Vernacular: Colorado Installation, Museum of Cont. Denver

Best Local Gallery Show, Solo – William Stockman, Sketchbook, Ron Judish Fine Arts Readers Choice: Kung Fu Kitchen, Aaron Alden

Best Local Gallery Show, Group – Twentieth Anniversary Celebration, Spark Gallery Readers Choice: Kung Fu Kitchen

Best Local Theater Production – The Winter's Tale, Dctc Readers Choice: Quixote

Best Musical – Side Show, Phamaly

Best Musical Ménage – Bed And Sofa, Trouble Clef Theater Co

Best Urban Legends – Shadow Theater Company

Best Do-Right Man – Paul Borrillo In to Kill a Mockingbird, Arvada Center for The Arts and Humanities

Best Heroine in The Making – Sara Smith

Best Out-of-Body Experience – Martha Greenbert in Wings, Aurora Fox Theater Co.

Best Fish Tale – Paul Page in The Ice-Fishing Play, Aurora Fox Theater Co.

Best Noh Brainer – Suddenly Last Summer, Germinal Stage

Best Hard-Boiled Blarney – The Beauty of Queen Leenane, DCTC

Best (Theatrically Speaking) Political Farce – Nixon's Nixon, Aurora Fox Theater Co.

Best Androgynous Turn – Brian Houtz in The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, The Theater Group

Best Dysfunctional-Family Play – Pig, Tracer Productions

Best Children's Production – Babe, The Sheep-Pig, Arvada Center for The Arts and Humanities

Best Community-Theater Production – Of Mice and Men, Morrison Theater Co.

Best Environmental/Experimental Production – Picasso at The Lapine Agile, The Avenue Theater

Best New Play – Waiting to Be Invited, DCTC

Best One-Person Show – Deborah Persoff in Full Gallop, Curious Theater Co.

Best Director – Chip Walton, Curious Theater Co.

Best Ensemble – Street Scene, Central City Opera

Best Supporting Actor – John Hutton, DCTC

Best Supporting Actress – Mercedes Perez

Best Actor – Tony Church, DCTC

Best Actress – Sheila Ivy Traister

Best Local Theater Company Season – Aurora Fox Theater Co. Reader's Choice: DCPA

Best Place to Tangle with Tango Dancers – Mercury Cafe

Best Salsa Club – Sevilla Readers Choice: Sevilla

Best C&W Club – Stetson Paradise Readers Choice: Stampede

Best Rock Club – 15th Street Tavern Readers Choice: Herman's Hideaway

Best Punk Club – The Raven Readers Choice: 15th Street Tavern

Best Punk Rocker, for a Cop – Officer Steve Gonzales

Best Dance Club – Soma Readers Choice: The Church

Best Jazz Club – El Chapultepec Readers Choice: El Chipoultepec

Best Blues Club – Brendan's Pub

Best After-Hours Club – Club Synergy Readers Choice: Amsterdam

Est New Club – Bash Readers Choice: Bash

Best Disguise of a Playground as a Concert Venue – Wonderground

Best Way to Kill Time Before a Show at The Bluebird – Ps Lounge

Best Place to Watch Really White People Dance – The Supreme Court

Best Split-Personality Club – La Rumba/Trinity

Best Impromptu Karaoke in a Mexican Dive Bar – Satire Restaurant And Lounge

Best Place to Pretend It's 1940 – Turk's Supper Club

Best Club Dj – Dj Fury

Best Juke-Friendly Jukebox – Skylark Lounge

Best Jukebox – Goosetown Tavern

Best Halloween Dance Party – The Church

Best Place to Get High and Jam – Nederland Acid Jams, Wolf Tongue Brewery

Best Chance to Offend Peta – Harp Seal Pinata

Best Band Name – 404 Not Found

Best Place to Get Whupped, and Like it – Central Wrestling Org. Matches at The Aztlan Theater

Best Hip-Hop Show – Basementalism, Kvcu-Am 1190

Best Blues Radio Show – Strictly Blues, Kkhk-Fm 99.5

Best Holy Hour of Radio – Gospel Chime, Kgnu-Fm 88.5

Best Live-Music Radio Show – Cabaret, Kgnu-Fm 88.5

Best Local Jazzbo – Hugh Ragin

Best Local-Music Site –

Best Online Ranting About Local Music (and Everything Else) – The Hooligan,

Best Li'l Independent Slice Of Cybernet Pie – Www.Joesgrille.Com

Best Local-Music How-to – Making a Living in Your Local Music Market: How to Survive and Prosper by Dick Weissman

Best Music-Scene Organization– Co Music Association

Best Creative Music Promoter – Alex Lemski

Best Music-Industry Scandal – House Of Blues Vs. The Backstreet Boys

Best Success Story – String Cheese Incident

Best Rapper on The Verge – Don Blas

Best Rapper With a Super Bowl Championship Ring – Terrell Davis

Best Rapper to Foretell and then Prevent The Apocalypse – Apostle

Best Reason to Surf the Flatirons, Dude – Maraca 5-0

Best Proof of Life After Boulder – Fat Mama

Best Inexplicable Band – Devotchka

Best Charity Gig by a Bunch of Drunks – Buzz Bomber And The M-80s

Best Rockin' Mama – Chanin Floyd

Best Approximation of a Mean Old Coot – Munly

Best Unabashed Use of a Theremin – Hoochie

Best Addition to Coffee and Crullers – Ron Bucknam

Best Approximation of a Turn-of-The-Century Strip Show – Burlesque as it Was

Best Local Rendition of "Blue Moon" – Mariachi Vasquez

Best Sinatra Lounge Singer – John Potter

Best Chanteuse – Mary Ann Moore

Best Unretirement – Vic Cionetti

Best Defunct Act – 32-20 Jug Band

Best Dang Recording – Nounsville, Dang Head

Best Local Recording – Local Shakedown Readers Choice: Saxxon Woods, Here And Now

Best New Label – Owned And Operated,

Best Nutritious Release – Get Your Beans, Mr. Tree and The Wingnuts

Best Local-Music Reissue – New Music for Bowed Piano, Stephen Scott

Best Friend to Have in a Recording Studio – Bob Ferbrache/Absinthe Studios

Best Guitar Tone – John Common

Best Pedal-Steel Guitar Player – "Uncle" Dick Meis

Best Sound in a Theater – Fox Theater

Best New Old Music Hall – The Fillmore Auditorium

Best Plan to Renovate an Old Venue – Red Rocks Amphitheater

Best Place to Hear Public Enemy in a Classical European Setting – Gothic Theater

Best Concert in a Club – Gil Scott-Heron, Lion's Lair

Best Concert (Since June 1999) – Tom Waits, Paramount Theater Readers Choice: Kiss

Food & Drink

Best Restaurant when you're on the Atkins Diet – Denver Buffalo Company

Best Restaurant when you're in the Zone – Mercury Cafe

Best Restaurant when you're Sugar-Bustin' – Petra's

Best Restaurant when you're on the See-Food-and-Eat-it Diet – World Buffet

Best Restaurant when you're on the Doughnut Diet – Chuck's Do-Nuts

Best Cinnamon Rolls – Racines

Best Scones – Devil's Food The Bakery

Best Chocolate Cake – Pasquini's Pizzeria

Best Pie – Papa Frank's

Best Pre-Ski Pastries – Butterhorn Bakery and Cafe

Best Long John – Henderson's

Best Reason To Go To The John – Brunos' Italian Bistro

Best Meal to Test Your Intestinal Fortitude – The Fort's Awful Offal Dinner

Best Dessert Menu – Palettes

Best Late-Night Desserts – Cafe Cero

Best Milk Pudding – Senorita's Cantina

Best Bread Pudding – Radex Bistro

Best Breads – Tasteez Market and Bakery

Best Bakery – Bluepoint Bakery

Best Bakery for Folks who Don't Like Desserts – Vinh Zuong Bakery

Best Pâtisserie – La Patisserie Francaise

Best Panadería – El Alamo Bakery

Best Wedding Cakes – Barkley Eberline, Eat Dessert First

Best Greek Bakery – Omonoia Bakery

Best Aprés-Ski Coffee Shop – Inxpot

Best Place to Drink a Latte While Eavesdropping on State Legislators – Penn Street Perk

Best Coffeehouse – St. Mark's Coffeehouse

Best Teahouse – Gemini Tea Emporium

Best Authentic English Tea – The Gift Box

Best Chai – Common Grounds

Best Cheap Breakfast – Breakfast Palace Readers Choice: Pete's Kitchen

Best Sunday Brunch Buffet – Garden Terrace at the Inverness Hotel

Best a la Carte Brunch – Strings

Best French Toast – Jou Jou at the Teatro Hotel

Best Crêpes – Trattoria Stella

Best Steak-and-Eggs Breakfast – Mccoys Breakfast

Best Power Breakfast – Village Inn Cherry Creek Readers Choice: Racine's

Best Power Lunch – Bistro Adde Brewster Readers Choice: The Palm

Best Power Lunch, Non-Power-Trip Division – Lafiesta Supper Club

Best Place for a Nooner – Sambuca Jazz Cafe

Best Lunch Wagon – O'brien's Wings and Things

Best Lunch Buffet – Santino's

Best Place to Hear the Cubs Lose – Chicago

Best Power Dinner – Meritage at the Omni Interlocken Resort Readers Choice: Morton's

Best Dinner Under $5 – Yan-Kee Noodle

Best Place to Eat Dinner After 10 P.M. – Sacre Bleu

Best Place to Eat Dinner After 1 A.M. – Breakfast King Readers Choice: Pete's Kitchen

Best News – The Buck Snort Lives!

Best Spot for Grazing – Mel's Bar And Grill

Best Spot for Gazing – The Beehive

Best Monday-Night Special – Rodney's

Best Tuesday-Night Special – The Fourth Story

Best Wednesday-Night Special – Swanky's

Best Thursday-Night Special – Wazoos

Best Friday-Night Special – Sabor Latino

Best Saturday-Night Special – D.C. Deli Cafe

Best Sunday-Night Special – Hemingway's Key West Grille

Best Sunday Happy Hour – Andrew's Pub and Lounge

Best Happy-Hour Shrimp – Anita's Crab Company

Best Happy-Hour Oyster Bar – Willie G's

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor – The Philadelphia Filly Readers Choice: The Hot Dog Guy

Best Food-Court Vendor – Falafel King Readers Choice: Falafel King

Best Outdoor Patio, Rural – Chautauqua Dining Hall

Best Outdoor Patio, Urban – Highland's Garden Cafe

Best Food at Six Flags Elitch Gardens – Pizza Alley

Best Gourmet to Go – Tom's Home Cookin'

Best Salad – California Pizza Kitchen

Best Caesar Salad – Piatti

Best Sides – Restaurant Rue Cler

Best Vegetarian Restaurant – Watercourse Foods Readers Choice: Watercourse Foods

Best Vegetarian Dish in a Non-Vegetarian Restaurant – Tante Louise

Best Kids' Menu – Roy's Cherry Creek

Best Kids' Menu for Divorced Parents – Govnr's Park

Best Sandwiches – Treehouse Cafe

Best Panini – Panini Grill

Best Tuna Melt – Ambrosia Bistro

Best Chicken Noodle Soup – The Soup Kitchen

Best Cream of Mushroom Soup – Diane's Good-to-Go

Best Soup Kitchen – Attivo Pizza And Italian Deli

Best Burger – Bang! Readers Choice: The Cherry Cricket

Best Late-Night Burger – Pint's Pub

Best Bar Burger – Dazzle

Best French Fries – Piscos Readers Choice: McDonalds

Best Fish ´N' Chips – Clancy's Irish Pub

Best Lamb – Ilios

Best Ham – Nono's Cafe

Best Spam – Yoko's Express

Best Steakhouse – Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House Readers Choice: Morton's

Best Prime Rib – El Rancho

Best Roast Duck – Vesta Dipping Grill

Best Roast Chicken – Mountain View Cafe

Best Fried Chicken – Caldonia's Bar-B-Que

Best Chicken Wings – Calypso

Best Chicken Little – Little India

Best Chicken a La King – The Blue House

Best Fried Calamari – Seven 30 South

Best Barbecued Ribs – Brothers BBQ Readers Choice: Brother's BBQ

Best Barbecued Brisket – Blest Bar-B-Que Of The Rockies

Best Barbecued Buffalo – Buffalo Corral

Best Burnt Barbecue – We're Smokin' BBQ

Best Plate of Spaghetti – The Saucy Noodle

Best Lasagne – The Cherry Tomato

Best Pasta Restaurant – Cucina Colore

Best Pizza – Parisi Readers Choice: Beau Jo's

Best Late-Night Pizza – Two Fisted Mario's

Best Wine-Tasting Parties – Cook Street School of Fine Cooking

Best Colorado Wine – Canyon Wind Cabernet Sauvignon, 1996

Best Wine List, Price – 240 Union

Best Wine List, Selection – Flagstaff House

Best Wine List, by the Glass – The Fourth Story

Best Wine List, Californian – California Café

Best Wine List, South American – Sabor Latino

Best Wine List, French – Le Central

Best Wine List, Italian – Barolo Grill

Best New Bar – Sacre Bleu Readers Choice: Blue 67

Best Old Bar – My Brother's Bar Readers Choice: My Brother's Bar

Best Brewpub – Great Northern Tavern Readers Choice: Wynkoop

Best Bartender – Doug Halloran, Manhattan Grill Readers Choice: Jeremy at the Park Tavern

Best Martini – The Avenue Grill

Best Piano Bar – Janleone

Best Sake Lounge – Mori Japanese Restaurant

Best Sock-it-to-Ya Drinks – Twin Dragon

Best Make-Me-Overs – Skylark Lounge

Best Margarita – Dixon's Downtown Grill, Racines, Goodfriends Readers Choice: Rio Grande

Best Chips and Salsa – La Fabula Readers Choice: Benny's

Best Breakfast Burrito – Amigos Cafe

Best Taco – El Senor Sol, Villa Del Sol Readers Choice: Taco Bell

Best Late-Night Taco – Taco Express

Best Make-Your-Own Taco – The Hornet

Best Burrito – Chez Jose Readers Choice: Chipotle

Best Burrito The Size of a Volkswagen – Piney Creek Grill

Best Vegetarian Burrito – Wahoo's Fish Taco

Best Chicharrones Burrito – Bandido's

Best Store-Bought Pork Rinds – La Popular

Best Barbacoa Burrito – Chipotle Mexican Grill

Best Fajitas – Alamos Verdes

Best Upscale Tamales – The Painted Bench

Best Chile Relleno – Chelo's Readers Choice: Benny's

Best Green Chile – La Casa De Manuel Readers Choice: Brewery Bar

Best Gringo Green Chile – Citygrille

Best Green Chile at the 19th Hole – El Curso Viejo, City Park Golf Course

Best Red Chile – Armida's

Best All-Purpose Chile, Ristra and Piñon Stand – Hatch New Mexico Chile

Best Southwestern Restaurant – Table Mountain Inn Restaurant

Best New American Restaurant – Potager

Best All-American Restaurant – Sam's No. 3

Best Regional American Restaurant – Hugh's Bistro

Best South American Restaurant – Cafe Brazil

Best Caribbean Restaurant – Rhumba

Best Seafood Restaurant – Roy's Cherry Creek Readers Choice: Jax

Best Sushi Restaurant – Sushi Den Readers Choice: Sushi Den

Best Sushi Rolls – Banzai Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant – Sushi Wave Readers Choice: Domo

Best Chinese Restaurant – La Chine Readers Choice: Pf Chang's

Best Noodle House – Oshima Ramen

Best Thai Restaurant – Thai Bistro Readers Choice: Tommy's Thai

Best Vietnamese Restaurant – New Saigon Readers Choice: New Saigon

Best Indian Restaurant – Star of India Readers Choice: Little India

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant – Phoenicia Grill Readers Choice: Jerusalem

Best Greek Restaurant – South Central Ii

Best Mediterranean Restaurant – Aubergine Cafe

Best Italian Restaurant – Carmine's on Penn Readers Choice: Carmine's on Penn

Best French Restaurant -- Tante Louise Readers Choice: Le Central

Best Restaurant when Someone Else is Paying – Papillon Cafe Readers Choice: Morton's

Best Romantic Restaurant – The Penrose at the Broadmoor

Best Resurrected Restaurant – Zenith

Best New Restaurant – The Biscuit Readers Choice: Senorita's Cantina