Review: DOA: Dead On Arrival

DOA is only opening tonight (June 15) on two local screens -- Harkens Northfield and Century Aurora 16 -- which doesn't usually bode well for a movie. Particularly a movie that the studios didn't offer advance press screenings for until just a few days before the release. But never fear, our intrepid critic says, "It's awesome!"

Originally set to be released during the Oscar-bait months as an odd sort of counter-programming, DOA is likely to work far better in the season of sunshine and school breaks. Corey Yuen (The Transporter) delivers one of the year’s purest entertainments, the best butt-kicking PG-13 bikini jigglefest since the first Charlie’s Angels flick. Based on a videogame, or just as likely a back-issue of Maxim, it involves a tournament on a mysterious island, run -- as such tournaments and islands tend to be -- by an evil mastermind (Eric Roberts) with a secret agenda. Among the world warriors are a father-daughter pro-wrestling team (Kevin Nash and Jaime Pressly, channeling Hulk and Brooke Hogan), an English jewel thief (Holly Valance), a renegade Japanese princess (Devon Aoki), and a black kickboxer with a green Mohawk and goatee (Brian J. White). The film’s pretty much non-stop fighting, mostly in very little clothing, with the flair you expect from a master choreographer like Yuen. It’s awesome. – Luke Y. Thompson