Karyn Roth accused of murder try for slashing Monica Trujillo's face in road rage incident

When confronted with road rage, experts advise people to walk away rather than take on the aggressor -- and a terrifying incident last week in Commerce City shows why.

Karyn Roth is accused of slashing open Monica Trujillo's face in an incident that began with a single honk.

According to 9News, the incident took place on August 16 near the intersection of East 68th Avenue and Ash Street. Trujillo says she was pulling out of her driveway en route to dropping her kids off at school when she heard a honk from a nearby car. That led to some back-and-forth between her and the people in the other vehicle -- and eventually, a woman identified as Roth allegedly stepped out of her car's passenger side and took a swing at Trujillo.

At first, Trujillo thought she'd merely been punched -- but then she reached up to touch the impacted area and "my entire hand went inside my face," she says.

She's not exaggerating. Doctors needed forty stitches to close the wound, which has left a jagged scar across Trujillo's cheekbone.

At this point, Roth is in custody and has declined interview requests. As for Trujillo, she's living in a hotel, because, she says, Roth's family resides close to her house and she fears retribution if she returns. She's clearly traumatized by the incident, saying that she'll be reminded of it every time she looks into a mirror.

Look below for the 9News report:

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