Medical marijuana: Full Spectrum Labs shutting doors until state license is issued

Last week, we re-posted this month's Chronic-le feature story on high-CBD strains around Colorado, with our selections based on Full Spectrum Labs tests. But those might be the last results we get from Full Spectrum for a while.

FSL announced last week that it's shutting down Octobert 14 until the state can promulgate a medical marijuana research license.

As surprising as the move was, it makes sense. Remember that the Drug Enforcement Administration raided Full Spectrum in 2010 after the lab applied for a license through the agency. And now, without any state protection enshrined in the books, my guess is that FSL owners like Robert Winick realize they would have another big, DEA-friendly target on their back should they continue to operate.

Full Spectrum Labs spokesman Buckie Minor didn't have much else to add to the company news release, on view below. He says Full Spectrum Labs might re-open for cannabis testing in the future, but adds that "it all comes down to: 'What does the new license say?'"

At least three other labs around the state are remaining open despite the legal gray area, including RM3 Labs in Boulder, CannLabs in Colorado Springs and Denver's Herbal Synergy, which operates as a mobile lab and can run tests at dispensaries.

Officials with the MMED haven't gotten back to us yet; we'll update this post when they do. In the meantime, here's the aforementioned FSL release:

To all current and former clients of FSL,

Full Spectrum Labs would like to announce some new changes to our business in the coming weeks and months. Since our inception, we have been humbled by our ability to play a role in expanding patient awareness of the science behind Medical Marijuana and appreciate the amazing response we have received from patients and providers across Colorado.

Given the recent changes in Medical Marijuana regulations in Colorado, new chain of custody rules severely hamper the ability of licensed Medical Marijuana Centers to test their products with a laboratory. In part to address this issue, the General Assembly has created a new Medical Marijuana Research license that is expected to be defined in coming months. We look forward to Colorado's future in expanding the science and medicine of Medical Marijuana, and are eager to see the nation's first state-based licensed Medical Marijuana Research program come to fruition.

In the interim, we have made the difficult decision to cease testing while the regulations of this new research license are being defined. Effective October 14th, we will cease testing of Medical Marijuana samples. Any clients who have purchased unused testing packages should make arrangements with their sales representative to use any remaining tests prior to this date.

Thank you for all your support over the previous two years, and we look forward to the future of Medical Marijuana research in Colorado.


The staff of Full Spectrum Labs

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