Only on Craigslist: Desperately seeking circus people

It doesn't get the same kind of attention hot social-media darlings such as Twitter and Facebook garner these days, but Craigslist is still a pretty decent social network -- especially if you enjoy the WTF side of life, as I do. Everyone knows about the classic "Best of Craigslist" section, where the weirdest, wildest and most likely fakest ads live. But personally, I enjoy perusing the "Activities" section. It's not only a good place to advertise your Aquarium Society get-together; it's also where people without friends (or with really, really lame friends, I guess) go to find workout buddies and, uh people to teach them how to hunt. And occasionally you get something really interesting, like this ad looking for "circus folk."

I am starting up a circus skill-share on Tuesdays from 6-8 at City Park (time could change;place will definitely change, winter's swiftly approaching). I'm looking for all you fellow jugglers, contortionists, hoopers, gymnasts, fire spinners, breakdancers, and whatever else could be considered circus-y. This skill-share is meant to be just that---a bunch of talented and not-yet-talented folks getting together and learning and teaching skills, as well as just having practice time &an environment of mutual inspiration.

I'm currently looking for an inside location to do this, as the weather's already making my hands too cold to juggle properly. Preferably a very large room with high ceilings (mats are a bonus!) and an acceptable amount of warmth. If you have any leads, or have a free space you'd let us use, I'll be your best friend.

If Tuesdays are bad for you, I will be practicing quite a bit more than that on my own time, so let's get together and juggle (or contort, etc.)!

My name's Courtney. Shoot me an e-mail and we'll go from there.

Strangely, she's not looking for any elephant trainers. What kind of circus doesn't have any elephants? To see the whole ad, including contact info for Courtney if you happen qualify as "circus folk," click here.