Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Scott McInnis has a new reason not to subscribe to the Denver Post

After this week, you can safely assume Scott McInnis won't be subscribing to the Denver Post anytime soon.

Because not only is the beleaguered Republican gubernatorial candidate an alleged plagiarist, he's also a penny pincher.

In the exercise room of McInnis's downtown Denver digs, the candidate is known for giving other people's papers a work-out, explaining that he doesn't subscribe to the Post during the week -- but he does get the Sunday paper at home on the Western Slope.

And now, even if he wasn't being beaten like a drum by the Post, which yesterday urged him to withdraw from the race, McInnis has another reason not to subscribe.

If he's going to have to return the $300,000 that the Hasan Family Foundation paid for his pilfered "Musings on Water," he's going to have to pinch those pennies even harder.