Schmuck of the Week

Hooters undercover bust finds Colorado Springs cops acting like a couple of boobs (and shmucks)

So, a couple of guys walk into a Hooters in Colorado Springs, sit down and order some beers, and then start following one of the young, scantily-clad waitresses with their eyes. Sounds like a typical night at Hooters, right? Except the two guys were undercover cops who were, uh, "working." In fact, they were there, according to reports, on a sting and eventually charged the young waitress, eighteen-year-old Illysa Medina, with serving alcohol to a patron who was visibly intoxicated.

The incident, which took place in June, also resulted in a citation for the restaurant.

But this week, things took a strange turn in court, when prosecutors were forced to drop the case against both Medina and Hooters when Medina's attorney pointed out that the detectives had been drinking inside the Hooters even after they'd denied it to the judge.

The Colorado Springs Police Department said the cops were drinking as part of their undercover work and that they never meant to deny they'd ordered beers. Besides, they hadn't been drinking to the point of intoxication.

Either way, sounds like a pretty gritty assignment, one that taxpayers in Colorado Springs are probably very glad they are paying for. Maybe the Colorado Springs Police Department should stick to Applebees.

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