Another "everyone will die" graffiti threat -- this time at Broomfield High School

Earlier this month, we told you about bathroom graffiti at Boulder High School that read "Everyone will die 2/12/10."

Fortunately, this threat proved empty -- but hot on its heels comes another one almost identical to it. At Broomfield High School, graffiti found on a bathroom wall declared that everyone the person scrawling it saw would die on March 26.

This warning may be even less credible than the previous one, given that the date in question falls during the school's spring break. Nonetheless, Sergeant Scott Swenson of the Broomfield Police Department says officers aren't brushing it off.

"It's still an active case that we're definitely taking seriously," Swenson says. "We're going to have continued investigation, with the interviewing of individuals and things like that, and also a continued presence in the school."

Could it be part of a pattern? Have similar incidents popped up in the wake of publicity garnered by the Boulder High School threat? Not according to Swenson: "This is the first type of graffiti like this that I've seen." He adds that the naming of a day when the school's scheduled to be student-free won't have an effect on the investigation.

Which parents in the area undoubtedly hope will be the last of its kind for a long time, rather than the beginning of a copycatting spree.