Denver Post Sections on the Move

This morning, February 5, folks who still get the physical edition of the Denver Post, as opposed to perusing the online one, may have hard to look a little harder than usual to locate the broadsheet's business coverage. Rather than appearing in a standalone section, such material now turns up at the tail end of Denver & The West during the weekdays. The plan calls for a separate Business section to still be part of the signature Sunday edition -- but, as we all know, plans can change.

This move, first reported on the Talking Biz News website, isn't the only sectional shift in the works at the Post. Editor Greg Moore confirms that beginning on February 10, Colorado Sunday, a lifestyle-and-event-driven section, will be reduced to a single page in Denver & the West.

What's behind the changes? Look for Moore's explanations later in this space, or in the February 7 edition of the Message. -- Michael Roberts