Michael Bennet the next Al Franken?: Read Republican Party chair Michael Steele's op-ed

Michael Bennet's camp knows turnout will decide if he retains his Senate seat or loses it to Ken Buck -- and so does Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. In conjunction with the launch of, a website using the SNL performer turned Minnesota senator as a cautionary tale, Steele has penned an op-ed specifically focusing on the Bennet-Buck race. Read it, and see a video, below:

Don't Let Michael Bennet Become The Next Al Franken

By RNC Chairman Michael Steele

There is no question that Democrats will do whatever it takes to hold onto power in Colorado. That's why the RNC is working with the Colorado Republican Party to ensure that Republican supporters turnout in droves for Ken Buck and the entire Republican ticket. To date, we have 13 victory offices where volunteers have made over 1.9 million voter contacts, on pace to significantly exceed totals from the 2008 Presidential year. Our efforts are reflected in early voter turnout, and the Denver Post recently reported that registered Republicans are leading Democrats in early voting by approximately 40,000 votes -- but we should not be complacent.

With Democrat lawyers, liberal shadow groups, and labor unions organizing to challenge the Election Day results, it is more important than ever that the people of Colorado deliver a decisive victory for Republicans up and down the ballot. Two years ago, Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) had his election reversed in the days and weeks after the polls closed after additional ballots were discovered, which included 393 ballots that should have been disqualified as they appear to be have been cast by convicted felons. Norm Coleman was ahead on Election Night by over 700 votes, only to lose in the end to Al Franken! Al Franken serves as a glaring and painful reminder to voters that we can never take any election for granted. We cannot allow this to happen in Colorado.

By holding Michael Bennet accountable for his failed policies, the people of Colorado will be sending a clear message to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid that they can no longer force through their job-killing tax hikes and reckless spending policies without consequence. For too long, Democrats in Washington have ignored the will of the people to pass an $814 billion stimulus and a $2.5 trillion government takeover of healthcare. Now, Democrats are threatening to pass the largest tax hikes in our nation's history during a lame-duck session of Congress so they can count on partisan rubberstamp votes from dozens of Congressmen who were already tossed out of office. Facing 8.2 percent unemployment with more than 95,000 jobs lost since the stimulus was passed, Coloradans know they can't continue the same job-killing tax-and-spend policies of the Obama Administration.

Today, the RNC is energizing supporters and bolstering voter turnout by launching the web site "No More Frankens (" The goal is to win big on Tuesday and remove all question about the direction this country is headed. Ken Buck will restore fiscal responsibility in Washington, DC and support pro-growth policies that allow the private sector to prosper and create jobs. Don't give Michael Bennet the opportunity to become the next Al Franken. It's time for a united sprint to the finish so we don't wake up on November 3rd wishing we did more. Get out the vote!

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