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Reader: Civic Center Park is no monument to Constitutional rights

Civic Center Park is one of Denver's most lovely public places...but it's become ground zero for increasingly ugly encounters between the city and Occupy Denver. Eighteen hours after the police had pushed everyone out of the park, protesters were back in time for last night's vigil to honor the homeless at City Hall, where they shouted down Mayor Michael Hancock.

Says KrazyKaty:

Ironic that a piece of land could be so important to the city, more important then Constitutional rights. And Hancock is just now finding out that Denver has a homeless population that cannot be addressed by current services? This seems rather ignorant for the mayor of such a large city. A power play of this sort is indicative of the problems in America. When the rights of a few are violated what will stop them from violating the rights of the many? I fear for the lack of tolerance exhibited and the repercussions of the continuing undermining of the US Constitution will ultimately destroy this country.

What's the solution for Civic Center Park? Civic Center has been the focus of heated discussions before. Read "Parks and Wreck," Michael Paglia's 2006 column about a proposed renovation of the park.