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Reader: There auto be a law against Iowa cops

For anyone planning on driving outside of the MMJ-friendly state of Colorado this holiday season, we offer this recent post as a public service (and, yes, our second comment of the day).

Athglam reports:

I was recently travelling through Iowa and was stopped by State Patrol. I was travelling with traffic and not passing. The red compact in front of me began to pass the semi in front of both of us. Patrol put on his lights right before I entered the bridge crossing the Mississippi River into Illinois. I turned onto an exit ramp and stopped. The officer asked for my license and proof of insurance. I inquired as to why he stopped me. Speeding. I asked why he didn't go after others that were going faster than me? Because I was in front of him. And so were the others. He said he saw a pill bottle in my glove compartment and wanted to search my car. I told him the car belonged to my late husband, so I didn't know anything about the pill bottle (it contained a car part). He proceeded to search the car and everything in it. He later confessed he really stopped me because of my plates being from Colorado. They were targeting Colorado cars for trafficking in marijuana. I never thought of myself as fitting a police profile or ever being subjected to profiling. I'm nearly 60 years old and do have my marijuana card, but rarely use it and told him that his stopping me for a search is exactly why I never take any pot with me when travelling outside Colorado. Sooo, Colorado drivers, beware.

There auto be a law! Happy travels.

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