Video: A big, guerrilla "HELLO" from the Highland Bridge

Project Hello -- Denver 2010 from Matt Dunn on Vimeo. Last Saturday, Denver's creative community came together in a big, shmoopy and very productive group hug as part of Project Hello, a collaborative exhibition at the Taxi II community space. To spread the word about the unique event, local artists Scot Lefavor Sandra Fettingis set up a massive, multicolored "HELLO" sign stretching all the way across the Highland foot bridge over I-25. The undertaking involved 45 painted pieces of cardboard, roughly thirty volunteers, hours of work and countless zip ties strapping the whole shebang down.

Didn't have the patience to watch the entire project unfold in real time? Check out designer Matt Dunn's sped-up version in the video above, first spotted on the Denver Egotist. Hello, hello.