Argelia Figueroa-Ramirez accused of pimping her own daughter for meth, crack cocaine and cash

Documents released by the Denver District Attorney's Office following the arrests of Argelia Figueroa-Ramirez and Ronald Webster tell an extraordinarily sordid story -- one in which a mother is accused of pimping her own daughter and one of the girl's friends, both fourteen, in exchange for meth, crack cocaine and cash.

The daughter, whose last name is not Figueroa-Ramirez, and her friend are currently under the care of Adams County Human Services, while Webster has been released from police custody on $75,000; the charges against him include two counts of sex assault on a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, as well as multiple drug charges related to possession and intent to distribute meth and cocaine.

In the meantime, Figueroa-Ramirez remains in jail, for reasons that have everything to do with the story DA's office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough tells.

"She has a teenage daughter," Kimbrough says. "For the months from August to December of last year, she returned to her mother's home in Denver with a teenage friend. And during that time, we're alleging that the mother ran a place of prostitution, and these girls would have sex with men in exchange for drugs and money."

Here's the passage documenting that from the statement of probable cause naming Figueroa-Ramirez:

Both of the victim juveniles stated during their interviews that Def. Figueroa-Ramirez arranged for various adult male parties to come to the apartment and provided the shelter (bedroom) to perform sexual acts with the girls. The victim juveniles stated that they would receiver either money or narcotics (Methamphetamine or Crack Cocaine) from these adult male parties as payment after the completion of the sex acts. Def. Figueroa-Ramirez would then keep the money to purchase narcotics for herself and the juvenile victims and told them they needed to have sex with these male parties if they wanted to continue to stay at the apartment. Victim [redacted] stated that on one occasion, Def. Figueroa-Ramirez transported both victim juveniles to City Park in Denver and they performed sexual acts on an adult male party. Def. Figueroa-Ramirez received crack cocaine from this adult male party as payment for the sex acts.

Webster's role, as well as the twisted dynamics at play in this scenario, are spelled out in even more disturbing detail in his arrest affidavit and application for arrest warrant. Here's an excerpt that highlights his alleged manipulations:

She stated that Ron provided Methamphetamine and that she only had sex with him twice. [Redacted] also stated that Ron would sometimes just give the Juveniles the drugs because he "had it." She related that the sex was not for the exchange of drugs, it was to "just have sex." [Redcated] related that it was Ron's idea to have sex and that he is 48 years of age.

Kimbrough says Webster is due in court on March 8 to be formally advised of the charges against him. Expect more developments in regard to Figueroa-Ramirez shortly.