Egg Moon brings out crazed and bitter cougars: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Figure 60. Bear Valley: April full moon brings frustration and fertility to the front door.

In colonial America, the April full moon was named the "Egg Moon" as a springtime symbol of hope for a future that would be fertile with life. Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love, and Kokopelli, the Hopi god of fertility and unwanted children, would seem like familiar seasonal spirits, though not necessarily welcomed together.

That the two deities pictured above were paired on the same porch suggests that the home owner takes her love like she takes her gods -- at face value, without critical thought. Combining the spirit energies of Cupid's sexual craving and Kokopelli's sexual consequences hints at a complete multicultural misunderstanding. The printed depiction on Cupid's diaper of a broken crack, accompanied by the words "Love Hurts," also intimates that someone here may be dealing with more than her fair share of unprotected sex and one-night stands.