Taco Bell-Colorado Rockies giveaway deal keeps getting worse -- just like the Rockies

A friend of mine used to sell T-shirts in college. He was putting himself through school, along with a few scholarships, and he needed every dollar he could get. So he'd come up with a creative design idea, get a small loan from his mom and have the T-shirts printed. Then he'd go door-to-door through the dorms, selling, smiling and selling. Some nights were better than others. On the days that he sold no T-shirts at all, though, my friend would treat himself to Taco Bell -- and believe me, it is a treat to a nineteen-year-old college kid.

His reasoning: If he averaged one sale for every fifteen doors he knocked on, then after a night of selling nothing, he'd be that much closer to a good night -- and the cash he needed.

Maybe that's how we should think about the Colorado Rockies season.

After all, the team has scored more than seven runs in two of its last three games, both against the Dodgers on Saturday and Sunday. The Rockies scored seven runs -- and lost. So we had a couple of bad nights, just like my friend, but we were still treated to cheap tacos from Taco Bell as part of the ever-declining taco promo that the fast-food joint has been running for the past few years.

A few years ago, you could get four tacos for a buck (well, actually $1.08 with tax). That changed to four tacos for a buck with the purchase of a free drink. The current deal: If the Rocks score seven or more runs, win or lose, you can get four tacos for $2 and a fifty-cent medium drink between 4 and 6 p.m. on the day after the game.

So, does the Rockies recent futility mean that we will soon have success, like my friend in college? I hope so, and so does Taco Bell, which is giving away We Want Tacos! T-shirts to the first 10,000 fans who turn out for the Friday game against the Detroit Tigers.

T-shirts, I have to say, that look like they were designed by a college kid.

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