New Year's party bottles make a beautiful garden border: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

If you are planning a New Year's party for sixty or more of your best friends who each drink two or more bottles of wine apiece, you will have enough booze bottles to make a beautiful garden border similar to the one shown in the picture above.

Below, see how the scope of the project may require a steady drinking routine throughout the upcoming year...

Click on the photo above to get a wider view of the Berkeley booze bottle garden border. While the panorama captures the scope of the project, the beauty is best seen in the details. The photo below shows how the undulating line of the sidewalk stone retaining wall is copied in the curvature of the bottle border. Not only does this add consistency to garden design, it is also a nice visual play on the gait of the drunkards who made this all possible with their dedicated drinking. Happy New Year to you all!