Things to Do

New Year's Eve in Denver: So many parties, so many concerts, so many things to do

Latest Word will be dark until Monday, what with New Year's Eve 2010 upon us.

If you're still looking for something to do, or something else to do, on Friday night, check out our top 10 lists below.

Does the snow and sub-zero forecast have you looking to make different plans? Whatever your New Year's Eve challenge, we have a solution. Well, unless you're Anika. In which case... we're sorry.

Other than that, though, whether you're looking for a cab ride home or a vegan menu plan, we're here to help. It's the worst night of the year to be a bartender, but here's how to drink your way into the new year like a pro.

And once you've navigated your way from the bar to the home with that special someone in tow, we've got the top five foods to help you get laid.

As for what to do, well, that depends on your budget. Check our top ten picks for cheap, expensive, and in between. And if nothing strikes you, check our complete NYE listings.

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-Top 10 Denver New Year's Eve concerts

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