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Gary Faulkner, on David Letterman show, says he and Osama bin Laden are "two heavyweights"

Osama hunter Gary Faulkner's fifteen minutes are ticking away quickly, and he's making the most of them. Mere hours after blathering on CBS' Early Show about his intention to capture bin Laden like a thief, the Greeley man was sitting opposite David Letterman essentially measuring himself against the most wanted terrorist on the planet.

During the segment, Letterman noted Faulkner's references to Pakistanis as "Pakis," a term considered a racial slur in many parts of the world. Faulkner responded by suggesting that it was okay for him to use the word because he and the Pakis were so close. Call it the "My Niggas" defense.

Faulkner also gave directions by sea between San Diego and Pakistan -- basically take to the water and keep going until you hit land -- and maintained that his appearance on Letterman's program was a forum for letting the world know "two heavyweights are ready to fight, and we'll see who's standing at the end of this program."

Don't know how many more chances Faulkner will get to make such pronouncements to a TV audience, but odds are good he'll show up a few more times before his sell-by date is reached. After all, he doesn't exactly shy away from the spotlight. Here are excerpts from last night's appearance with Dave: