Carmelo Anthony trade: Did Amare Stoudemire, NY Knicks kill 4-way deal featuring NJ Nets?

Yesterday, we told you about team execs reportedly angry at how the Nuggets have been handling the Carmelo Anthony trade negotiations. But such frustration apparently goes both ways.

Now, we're hearing the Nugs are pissed at one squad in particular -- the New York Knicks -- for allegedly helping to kill a four-way deal that would have sent Melo to the New Jersey Nets.

That's the word from the New York Post's Marc Berman, who shares denials from Knicks GM Donnie Walsh that he or anyone affiliated with the franchise engaged in any hinky shenanigans.

The gist of the accusation: Last week, Anthony spent time hanging out with the Knicks' Amare Stoudemire, whose love match with Melo during his July wedding launched trade rumors into the stratosphere. Carmelo and Amare would love to play together, but the Knicks' only real shot at getting Anthony would be if he stays with the Nuggets through this season and then makes a free-agent leap next summer.

Did Stoudemire share this message with Melo during their time together? Hard to imagine the subject not coming up. But Walsh insists the Knicks did no tampering, telling the Post's Berman, "Pretty quickly, we didn't think they saw a trade with us. We haven't been that involved in it since. I've never heard that before." He added, "We didn't do it. This is the first I've heard of it and I've talked to their general manager a couple of times."

To that, SB Nation's Ed Valentine pretty much says, "Yeah, sure" -- and it's tough to argue with his logic.

Still, the Nuggets must stay the course. With the New Jersey deal supposedly dead, some locals are fantasizing about Anthony staying in Denver. But unless he signs an extension, and soon, a trade remains the best way to insure that the Nuggets come out of this nightmare scenario with a viable path forward. Bottom line: If they don't secure either Melo's long-term services or reasonable compensation for his departure, the team will soon be residing at the bottom of the barrel again. And that's unacceptable.