Jared Polis' fondness for polar bears and afterbirth

Jared Polis: He's everywhere these days. When he's not sucking down a cold one with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, beer-bong style, the Boulder Democrat is pointing the camera at himself as part of Freshman Year, a CNN series in which he and Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz chronicle their first terms in the U.S. House. Polis' earlier episodes received failing grades from Melanie Asmar, but his latest offering (accessible by clicking here) is a modest improvement, because at least there's a lot happening in it -- specifically, plenty of healthcare rallies during which Polis handles himself pretty well in the face of large crowds split between reform supporters and detractors. As a bonus, he fondles the face of someone wearing a polar bear suit in tribute to Nancy Pelosi's initiatives on behalf of the environment -- and as viewers of Lost understand, polar bear cameos are always a good thing.

Not that Polis limits himself to old media technology. His most recent tweet from his Twitter account? He directs followers to an article in The Onion entitled, "Afterbirthers Demand to See Obama's Placenta." I'm guessing Peter Boyles doesn't think that's funny.