Many happy returns

Seal it.

Just minutes before the polls closed in Colorado, more than 300 election workers were fueling up with pasta, salad and strawberry shortcake from Jason's Deli at Denver Elections Division headquarters, 3888 East Mexico Avenue. Other workers hauled in red ballot boxes to the building while members of the media waited for the count.

About 25 voters with an assortment of problems were lined up, hoping they'd have a chance to make their voices heard. They range from people who lost their ballots to a guy who hadn't decided to register until today. “Hey, I'm a procrastinator," one said.

Someone else, who had moved from Arapahoe County to Denver, had been lost in the shuffle and another person had been turned away at her polling place.

Their stories would come to some resolution by the end of the evening. Would our nation do that same? We shall see. -- Joel Warner