Rob Lytle, R.I.P.: Fond farewell to Michigan great & Broncos' phantom fumbler (VIDEOS)

News about the death of former Denver Broncos running back Rob Lytle at age 56 came as a shock to all Broncos fans who remember the period when the team went from perennial doormat to NFL power. As an NFL player, Lytle is best known for a fumble that wasn't called during the 1977 championship game against the Oakland Raiders, but he was much more than that -- a fresh-faced overachiever who epitomized the team's unlikely rise to the top.

Look below to see a newly assembled tribute clip focusing on his days as a Michigan Wolverine, featuring an extended interview with an impossibly young-looking Lytle. After that, relive part of that notorious AFC championship game. The fumble takes place shortly after the eight-minute mark, following some nostalgic looks at the likes of Craig Morton and Haven Moses in action. Rob Lytle, R.I.P.

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