Ask William Breathes, Westword marijuana critic, anything until 4:20 today

The holidays are upon us here at Westword. Editors have begun leaving for vacation, and the gaggle of unsupervised reporters have already begun dipping into the egg nog, singing dirty Christmas carols and wrapping up interns like presents.

My gift this year was to be let me out of my hazy chambers to take over the Latest Word until 4:20 today for a holiday edition of our "Ask the stoned Pot Critic Anything" live(ish) chat.

Feel free to ask me anything: what kind of bong should you get your husband/wife for Xmas/Chanukah, which strains go best with holiday dinner and which ones are better for Christmas light viewing, which edibles you can stealthly eat around your family, etc. I'm here for you, dear Mile Highs and Lows reader.

I just stepped out into the alley and got, um, prepared for these next four hours and am ready to do this. So, what is on your mind? I might not be able to answer everything, but I'll try or at least come up with some stoned, snarky answer. Leave your questions in the comment section below.