Leeroy Jenkins Rocks ROFLCon, Snags Wired Mention

It’s not too surprising that one of the biggest hits at ROFLCon, the Harvard University conference on Internet celebrity, was Colorado native Ben Schulz. After all, Schulz is the player behind that unlikely and slightly unhinged World of Warcraft superstar, Leeroy Jenkins. A Wired magazine article on the April conference remarked on how the crowd went nuts when Schulz introduced himself to attendees with a characteristic holler, “I’m Leeeeeroy Jenkins!”

Until that moment, noted the article, “nobody knew what Jenkins’ creator, Ben Schultz (sic) looked like.”

Obviously the article’s author hadn’t read our profile of Schulz, which described what he looked like, what he acted like and everything else you’d ever want to know about the man behind loony Leeroy. -- Joel Warner