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Reader: You can't understand homelessness until it happens to you -- and it can

Earlier this month, Kelsey Whipple wrote about Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks's decision to engage critics of the urban camping ban on social media. Like many of her posts on this controversial subject, the report has drawn plenty of fascinating commentary -- including this item from a person writing about homelessness from personal experience.

Homeless Denver writes:

I know this may come as a surprise to some people. I am homeless and spend most nights in a hotel. But if i do not have the $45, to pay for ONE nights stay, I have no choice but to find somewhere to sleep. I would NEVER choose to sleep on or near a street or anywhere a businesses front door. I have been caught sleeping on the patio of the Beyers/Evans House. I bet you could not guess what the officer told me when i mentioned how unpleasant it was to be wakened by a kick to the head. The Officer told me "Go sleep on the 16th street Mall". This happened twice. I never followed his advice as I have some sense. Others do not understand that the DPD will tell what ever is least complicated for them. I have been homeless for a while to one degree or the other. And the DPD have never disrespected me personally but I have seen time and time again happen to other weaker homeless people. Those who can't put up a front and smile when the police are trampling their freedoms. You cannot understand what it is like to have to live in this manner until it has happened to you. And it can.

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