Scott McInnis is always singing a new tune: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

Back in 1977, Scott McInnis was the hottest new act in Colorado. He was the state's first successful crossover artist, largely due to his ability to sing out of both sides of his mouth. The title of his third album, pictured above, humorously referred to the delicacy of his effort to appeal to both pro-life and pro-choice fans -- which is also reflected in the album's track listing.

Song titles are listed on the back cover below:

National critics said that Scott would always be known more for his head full of hair than his head full of ideas. Undaunted, he is currently running as a Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, where he continues to change his tune while singing the same old song. Looking at the photo above today, it is amazing to see how much the young Scott McInnis resembles current Colorado Lt. Governor Barbara O'Brien!