Boulder: City of the future!

According to this report by the Denver Business Journal, it looks like Boulder is all set to become the wonderful world of tomorrow that we were all promised by cheap paperback novels and the old Buck Rogers TV series! Okay, so it doesn't mention flying cars or robot butlers, but it does say Boulder is set to become the first "smart grid" enabled city in the U.S. Soon, Boulderites will be enjoying higher efficiency, better reliability and the ability for "customers and the utility to remotely control energy use in the home," according to the story. Uh, that last bit sounds a little scary: What if Xcel decides you're wasting energy and shuts off the TV right in the middle of a Roseanne marathon? But hey, let's focus on the positive. Our own little Boulder is serving as a test bed for this "new energy economy" Obama and the technocrats promised us.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer town! Seriously, can you think of a city anywhere in the country more likely to adopt other futuristic tropes of the future? To really get to full future-city status, they're going to need a monorail and food pills (only organic, of course). And everyone is going to need to adopt a wardrobe of either immaculate white robes or shiny silver jumpsuits. Frankly, I could see Boulderites going for all of those things, especially the white robes. Hell, if they can somehow work in the flying cars and jetpacks, I might overcome my fear and loathing of the place and move there myself. I've always wanted a jetpack.