Schmuck of the Week

Shmuck of the Week: Cancer

You might recall that last week we called out cancer-fakers for this award, inspired by the guilty plea of the very abhorrent Tausha Marsh.

But most people who ask and get our support have cancer that's very real, as we were reminded this week when we learned that Nuggets coach George Karl is facing the disease -- again.

Yes, you're right: Cancer is the shmuck of every week. But what better time to single it out than when it starts messing with the Nugs' title chances, and attacking someone who -- between himself and his son -- has already run the gauntlet and deserves to be left alone.

Cancer could have picked on someone who faked it, or someone super old, or it could have just taken the week off. But it burrowed itself in Coach Karl's neck instead. And for that, cancer is our shmuck of the week. May it one day get its ass kicked by the V Foundation.

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