LEGO Universe' new game trailer is, um, sorta scary

As we noted in this week's cover story, Louisville game developer NetDevil is hoping to hit the big time with a family-friendly version of World of Warcraft thanks to its upcoming game, LEGO Universe. Most of the game's development has been hush-hush, though the company released the first official game trailer on Thursday, January 7, at the 2010 Computer Electronics Show, a version of which you can see above.

It's pretty darn cool -- though, we have to admit, a bit ominous for a game geared towards eight- to twelve-year-olds, what with its clashes of sprawling armies, Matrix slow-mo and zombie-like LEGO dudes. We kept waiting for that freaky music from Requiem for a Dream to come on, or at least a scene where a minifig gets drawn and quartered, LEGO-style, as he shouts "Freedom!" with his last, dying breath.

Are we stretching it? Probably. Either way, we're looking forward to actually playing the game, just so we can re-enact crazy Mel Gibson's Braveheart war cry. "They can take our land, but they can never take... OUR LEGOS!"