Can we talk? The Colorado Tourism Office still has some work to do.

A few minutes ago, Fox News offered a distinctly unfair view of Colorado skiing. Specifically, that all Colorado ski areas are now closed, which was too bad, said the distinctly blonde anchor (who last week mispronounced "groin"), because when she flew through Denver on Thursday it was snowing! In May!

But a quick check of the Colorado Ski Country website reveals that three resorts are still holding on: Loveland and Echo Mountain will shut down Sunday evening after a weekend of parties. And Arapahoe Basin, which was the first resort in North America to open this season, will hold out until the snow runs out, certainly well into June.

So let's talk Colorado! Next Saturday, the state tourism office should send a delegation from Arapahoe Basin to do a snow job on the Fox newsroom in New York City, where the CTO just put on its pricey show last month.(If the Fox folks can wear Kentucky Derby hats today, they can wear ski boots next week.) Better yet, Colorado should challenge Fox to broadcast live from A-Basin, and party at the Beach. -- Patricia Calhoun