The Denver connection to the Queens terror raids

The FBI conducted a number of high-profile raids in Queens yesterday -- high-profile enough to have prompted the CBS report above (beware; you have to watch a commercial before the story actually runs). Along the way, correspondent Bob Orr mentions a man "from the midwest" whose recent travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan had raised alarms. Turns out that "midwest" location was Denver. Updates like this one from ABC note that the man, known by his friends as Najibullah and reportedly employed as a cab driver, was arrested but later released, although he remains under surveillance, and plenty of it, if the New York Daily News is to be believed. According to that paper, "Hundreds of FBI agents are on the ground in Colorado, conducting round-the-clock surveillance on five suspects," Najibullah among them. Another News assertion: "FBI officials are furious at [New York City police commissioner Raymond] Kelly over Monday's raids because the NYPD seemed intent on scaring off the cell -- which is believed to be plotting a New York attack. The FBI hoped to wait and determine what the Colorado cell was planning."

Prediction: This story will lead Denver headlines tonight, and for days to come.