Phil Keating, former Denver news anchor, gets f-bombed on live TV

TV news personality Phil Keating, who garnered a bit of Internet fame a few days ago by interviewing rowdy revelers in South Beach, was certainly no stranger to the party circuit when he lived in Denver, ruling the roost as a well-coiffed TV news reporter and anchor. In fact, before he left town in 2004 for bigger markets, we gave him a special award -- Best Hair on a Departing TV Personality -- that read:

"Best hair? Make that best everything. For a decade, Phil Keating was the arousing, carousing, good-time party boy of the Denver news community, and he filled this position with the poise of an Armani model. Now that he's moved from Channel 31, a Fox affiliate, to a Dallas-based gig as a Fox News network correspondent, the local tube is notably less swank. But like the trail of pricey cologne Keating would often leave in his wake, his influence lingers."

But Keating, now in Florida, still probably wasn't ready for the woman he called "a tall drink of water" during a live broadcast from South Beach on New Year's Eve.

"Say something to the nation," he asked partyers.

"We got five minutes to 2014," one answered, "and we're gonna fuck shit up!"

After reminding the woman that he was working for a family show, and getting her to apologize, he attributed it to "live TV, folks."

Here's the full, hairy, video.

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