Poultrygeist and the PleasuresDudes, Part Four

The PleasuresDudes, Denver's way-past-prime-time adult TV celebs, were invited to work the green carpet last weekend at the Los Angeles premiere of Poultrygeist. See their slideshow here; their upclose and personal account of the green-carpet capers continues below (read part one here):

We finally left the theater in our limo and headed for the Hustler store on the Sunset Strip, where we, the PleasuresDudes, had been invited to the Troma Poultrygeist after-party.

As we made our way in, we saw hot chicks to the left and right. We saw a wall of Troma posters, so we set up our cameras there. The first person we talked to was James Gunn, creator and director of the Scooby-Doo movies and Slither. I asked what was the most interesting thing about making Slither, and he said the main character monster had a really rough time with make-up. I asked if he knew much about porn, and he said that since he was friends with many of the girls -- Belladonna, Tera Patrick and others -- he couldn’t beat off to their movies. So I said, "Why not just fuck them?"

Since Slither was about aliens of sorts, I asked him how he felt about real ETs. “Are you asking me if I believe they exist?” he asked. "Dude,” I said, “we know they exist – what is your opinion.” He got a little weird and said, “Uh, I like extraterrestrials.

I laughed and moved on to our next guests, Lloyd Kaufman and the daughter of Larry Flynt, who is in charge of a lot of Hustler’s biz! We took pictures and then I started seeing more and more hot women cruising into the party, so I talked to some of them and got about five phone numbers – all real. James Gunn came by to remind us that he will be making a big announcement at ComicCon in San Diego June 25 about his new creations with XBox, New Found Glory.

The band arrived around midnight and they told us that when they come to Colorado, we’re back stage and it will be "totally sweet” – they’re mocking my catchphrase! LOLOL!

We drank and hung out with Ron Jeremy (in the photo above), who brought us the promised nineteen-year-old girls to play with. They were new to the biz and Ron told them we would show them the ropes – and we did in a very big way at the hotel!

The night for us came to an end when we took Dori and Stacy back to the hotel where we showed them our Back-Tongue Technique, which is where you give a girl oral using the back of your tongue tip first. This causes a unique sensation because of the texture of the back of your tongue and the motion being very different.

From the horror of Poultrygeist to heaven! What a night!

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